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Birth Place : Texas, USA

Citizenship : United States


No guitars, no melody, only the metal ! The band was named after the instrument of its own production. The story begins in 2001 when Motograter negotiations led to the conclusion of the contract with Dez Coal Chamber. The contract between Dez and Motograter expired so Motograter become free again.

Before singing, Motograter added a little something to the group. .. guitarist. His first they did not. They became the first guitarist Neil Godfrey (Ultraspank, Lo-Pro).He presented Motograter Steve Richards of the No Name Records and played the show, Motograter signed a contract with No Name Records. No Name Records did not want to Motograter signed immediately after the show. Unfortunately, as soon as Motograter was registered previous artist Neil Lo-Pro also registered at the same time on another label, and he decided to go with them (Neil actually wrote "Suffocate" and "Red" with Crispy). He was replaced by another Crispy longtime friend, Matt Nunes (Nuke), they played together in the Intrinsic Group.

So, as soon as all gathered ,they moved to Vancouver, Canada, and started recording songs for their first album with producer GGGarth. During the recording, due to artistic differences Zak (Waz) left the band and Motograter was forced to return to the States and start looking for a new singer. After a 1 week stay at home No Name Records said Motograter,they found a singer for them, Ivan (Ghost)! First, Ivan said no, but with a little coaxing and a couple of nights of deep thought Ivan thought that at least he could go and listen to them. The first person he met was the Crispy, who took him to No Name Ent., And they sat down and listened to the "Down". Ivan thoughtit was some of the best stuff he had ever heard. Without hesitation, Ivan joined Motograter.

Says Ivan: " Words can kill a conversation, you can use both the right and the wrong I`ve found that putting them to music - the best way to communicate what you want to say I actually studied for the priesthood,.. . when I was younger. I was disappointed, and after examining aspects of other religions, I have come to the conclusion that the only way to bring my word without any restrictions books or someone else`s rules was to music. This is the best way to communicate with the masses "Within two weeks, Bruce and Ivan locked in the guest room in the house, and Ivan did record vocals for the first two songs ("Down" and "Red") with Ivan as a singer. Once they showed this label, they have recorded in the studio (Topanga Canyon) with producer James "Jimbo" Barton, and continued to write the rest of the album.

Crispy,Bruce and Matt actually wrote their own half of the album. Jimbo Barton Ivan and focused more on vocals.

" I like to see that it started with an experimental vision of the group is derived from motogreytera - Grater says - but then there is a great human chemistry Each group provides something unique.. You take that element - our eba.uyu living aura - and you combine it with the fact that we try to explain our lyrics, and you understand what we are basically trying to convey the message that affects a huge number of fans of shit "

It was about 30 songs written for the first album, but 28 of them have been revised. " Jimbo made us dig deep into our souls, and made us try out new ideas, it was an amazing experience, " - says Crispy.

Grater indicates the song "New Design": " It creeps up on you and then grabs you by the throat musically and lyrically It seems to be saying. " People, when you wake up and realize ,that the cycle just repeats itself "The World comes to continuing to deteriorate and there is no united way to protect themselves, if people do not wake up. "

It is interesting that on the album is a song dedicated to one of the greatest rebel in history. " In the song, " No Name ", - says Ghost, - I got the idea from Mozart. He was buried in a while unsigned grave, because he rebelled against the politicians of his day. I always thought it illustrates that anyone who has habrost be different, usually condemned. Or disposed of - it - without a name. "

After the drive was over, they noticed that there were many second vocal tracks ,that it will be impossible to perform live. Seeing that no one else had the same powerful light like Ivan, they set out to find other effects vocalist / sampler / sound, so who better to do backing vocals than the old singer Zak? He was with the band for 5 years before and had left the most sinister cry ! Ironically Zak lived in Las Vegas ,where Motograter rehearsing for the tour Ministry. Bruce, Ivan, Crispy and Zak got together and settled everything ! Motograter was ready to dominate !

When Motograter preparing for their first tour Ministry, the group remained without guitarist Matt, so that Ivan called one of his friends from Denver JR!

The tour was great ,and subsequently Motograter invited to Ozzfest 2003. Group needed a new lead guitarist. So, after some people in Denver Motograter I learned about Ty Fury. Bill Terrel called Ty and told him about the possibility, and Ty called Ivan and talked with him about the band and all the details. Ty got the CD and he liked it. He became part of Motograter tour. Group prior to each show compliance with certain ritual tribe. " We are warriors - Grater says - when we go on stage we approach this as warriors we colorable our faces with charcoal and meditate before each show, we call it our war paint We have always done this show is the place for us... .. through which we can communicate our message. It`s definitely a tribe "

Ghost adds that the group simply extends an apocalyptic vision of the world, not blaming him. "It just seems to be in the air. .. Look around. It seems that now there is an overwhelming issue. One of the things we are doing, by painting the face in front of the show ,an attempt to enter into the cosmic side of what we do. Sign in Motograter spirituality. It is a meditation for us. Each tribe that I have ever read, since a man adorned themselves before they went to war. And believe me, it is literally a war for which we climbed "

In fact, the first Ty is not very much and wanted to paint ,but after the show, all painted, he was recruited and loved the idea Motograter. Unfortunately, Ty was only a temporary guitarist for Motograter and he intended to do his own thing. He was replaced by vocalist Synthetic Delusion - Aaron (A-Bomb)!

After Motograter tour at the beginning of August 2004 Zak (Waz) left the band. Says Ghost: " Ultimately, we want people to stop for a moment and think about what they are doing to make people knowledgeable.. " But when asked for details, he smiles and says : " It`s all in the songs Listen. " Prophecies "It reflects how they just throw crap around It`s all part of this vortex.. like some quilted blanket is all woven together to create. To rise from the majority of people to someone who knows them and just take "

Today composition:

Ivan (Ghost): prefers to call himself a supplier verbal abuse, criticism and slander melodic

Chris (Crispy): drums, vocals

Joey (Smur): drums, shouting, samplesBruce (Grater): motogreyter and samples

JR (JR): Guitar

Aaron (A-Bomb): guitar.

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