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Year of birth : 1988

Age : 27 years

Place of Birth : Seattle, Washington, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyThe success of his team owes it outstanding personality and memorable compositions group leader, Andrew Wood ; it is due to his talent `Mother Love Bone` considered one of the best of these teams in the late eighties - early nineties.

`Mother Love Bone` - American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1988. The group was active from 1988 to 1990 - th. The success of his team owes it outstanding personality and memorable compositions group leader, Andrew Wood ; it is due to his talent `Mother Love Bone` considered one of the best of these teams in the late eighties - early nineties. Wood died a few days after the scheduled release of the debut album of the band ; Since then, the team has lost hope for further success. The album, however, was completed in a few months; `Mother Love Bone` this point, many still remembered as a talented team enough ,Wood`s death and the new group of other participants significantly reduced its popularity.

`Mother Love Bone` was established in 1988, former members of the group ` Green River` Jeff Ament, Stone and Bruce Fairweather Gossarrdom, the former face of `Malfunkshin` Andrew Wood and the former drummer ` Ten Minute Warning` and `Skin Yard` Greg Gilmore. At all,the first stage of creation was still in 1987 - then it was a cover band `Lords of the Wasteland` (Wood, Gossard, Ament) with drummer joined them ` Malfunkshun` Reganom Hagar ; at the beginning of 1988, the group joined Fairweather, replaced Hagar Gilmore, but the name was changed to `Mother Love Bone`.The new team quickly established the necessary connection and began to play ; by the end of 1988 they were considered one of the most promising bands in Seattle. Behavior of Wood on stage together with the colorful costumes and dreamy texts drawn in `Mother Love Bone` considerable attention. In 1996, in the documentary film `Hype!` One Jack Endino, an engineer from Seattle ,He says that Wood was the only face of the group and at the same time a comedian all of Seattle ; Many in the description of methods of Andy used the similar description.

In early 1989, the team signed a contract with `PolyGram`, auxiliary subdivision ` Mercury Records`; `PolyGram` contract also created a ` Records Stardog`,a company solely dealing with `Mother Love Bone`. The 1989th team released their debut album, Shine; They were the first of a new generation of Seattle bands who managed to get an official record. Selling single is very good ; among other things, he drew attention to an additional group. In many ways, however ,sales attributed to music craze in Seattle at the time.

In the end, the band returned to the studio again - this time in San Francisco, California ; Now they are planning to record an album already. Despite some initial difficulties, scheduled for March 1990, the album was already almost ready ;public interest in the group also reached its peak, and it seemed to all that the `Mother Love Bone` great future. The trouble came, as so often happens in the world of music, from the tip of the syringe. Andrew Wood - whose drug problems started long before that - introduced himself too much heroin. After spending a few days in a hospital bed in a coma, Wood died. His death eventually became death and `Mother Love Bone` as such. Album all are released in July of 1990 ; reviews he had expected positive.

The fate of the rest of the team has developed in different ways. With Gossard and Ament contacted the leader of the `Soundgarden` Chris Cornell - by the way, a former neighbor of Wood in the room.He invited them to take part in the recording of two single dedicated Andrew song. Soon it grew into a single album, and the new-found group took the name `Temple of the Dog` - a reference to the line odnoyiz songs ` Mother Love Bone`. After `Temple of the Dog` Gossard and Ament founded command ` Pearl Jam`; they were joined by Mike McCready of `Shadow`,Eddie Veder of `Bad Radio` and Dave Kasen. `Pearl Jam` became known after her debut album, and actively work to this day. At this point in their resumes for nine studio albums and constantly updated list of concert tours.

Fairweather remained inactive for some time ; later, however,He resurfaced as a member of the psychedelic rock band from Seattle `Love Battery`. Having played on two albums the group and taking part in a number of concert tours, he again sunk into oblivion. The 2006th Fairweather again made itself felt, beginning to play `The Press Corps` Garrett Shevlikom of ` The Fluid` and Dan Peters from ` Madhani`. Gilmore decay `Mother Love Bone` also clearly did not go to the benefit. From 1992 to 1994th he played drums in the team `Chubby Children`, with his old colleagues Brian Fox and Garth Brandenberg. The Group was able to generate a number of projects and have not conceived released several records. Greg also took part in the reunion of his old team `Never the Machine Forever`.

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