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Peru Adler owns several dozen books, he was editor of several book series and university educational projects.

ADLER, MORTIMER (Adler, Mortimer) (1902-2001), an American activist education.Born in New York on 28 December 1902. At 15 years old dropped out of school and joined the editor of the Secretary " New York Times ". Two years later, after reading some of Plato`s dialogues, he decided to become a philosopher. He studied at Columbia University. In 1928 he received his PhD with a thesis on music perception. He has lectured in the City-College and Columbia University, in 1930 received an invitation to work at the University of Chicago, became a university professor in 1942.

At the University of Chicago with R.M.Hatchinsom he engaged in the reorganization of curricula, which aimed to expand the horizons of students in the humanities. In 1946 he proposed the idea of a series of " Great Books of Western Civilization" (443 great works in 54 volumes, published in 1952). In the 1930s, he published several books on philosophy and psychology, including the well-known book How to read : liberal arts education (How to read a book: The art of getting a liberal education, in 1940, the second edition in 1972.) . Author famous two-volume index Sintopikon (Syntopicon), has included 102 "great idea."

In 1952, leaving the University of Chicago, Adler founded the San Francisco Institute of Philosophical Studies. He moved his Institute in Chicago in 1963. In 1974 became chairman of the editorial board of the "Encyclopedia Britannica " and produced jointly with Hutchins ,full audit of the content of the encyclopedia from the 15th edition (1974) . There was headed " Britannica " until 1995. In 1988-1991 was a professor at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1990, together with Max Weisman founded the Center for the Study of the great ideas in Chicago.

Adler died in San Mateo (Calif.) June 29, 2001.

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