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Place of Birth: Huntsville, Alaba, USA

Citizenship: United States

Christian metal from Alabama

Mortal Treason - an American musical group specializing in Christian metal; It works in Huntsville, Alabama (Huntsville, Alabama). His first album,`A Call to the Martyrs` released in the 2004th, then - after a series of large rearrangements in the starting lineup - launched a second album,` Sunrise Over a Sea of ?? Blood`. After a short tour the band broke up, but later - more recently - became aware of the reunion team.

Group Mortal Treason did not last long,although the fans had time to get even for the short term. The news of the decay fans group pretty upset; no one thought that nine years later, the band reunited and will continue to create new music for their fans.

Team Mortal Treason was founded in Alabama. Initially, in the Number group, Seth Kimbrough (Seth Kimbrough),Nikens Chase (Chase Nickens), Josh Jarrett (Josh Jarrett) and Richie Rhyl (Richie Reale). Albums released its musicians under the label `Flicker Records`. The first such album, `A Call to the Martyrs`, came out in 2004th ; included in the composition has been performed in a fairly traditional style ` metalkor`.

In the period from 2004 to 2005-in the first Mortal Treason consisted also keyboardist Elizabeth Kimbrough (Elizabeth Kimbrough), guitarists Adam Wright and bassist TJ Elford. Steve Robinson took the position of drummer in the group in 2005. However, he stayed there for a relatively short period.

A little later, I saw the light of their second album,`Sunrise Over a Sea of ?? Blood`; this time the musicians clearly gravitated to the DEF - metal. With all that the team did not forget that takes the inherently Christian music; members of the group openly declared that God `something for them gotovit`. As became clear later,the Lord has prepared for the collapse of the group in his inscrutable will.Rumors about the team problems with the label went before, but officially was declared the collapse of a September 11, 2005. Seth Kimbrough, announcing the breakup of the group,said that over time the fans were for collective constant source of inspiration and played a huge role in the success of the group; musician hoped, that at least part of the loyal fans the team has received from the creative group equal to the quality of returns.Kimbrough also said that after much deliberation and careful consideration of all the provisions of nuances musicians decided to disband the team; a solution it was very, very difficult, but it is more than necessary. Musicians announcedthat definitively leave the music is not going to - for the most part, anyway;most of the now former members of the Mortal Treason going to continue to continue to make music - mostly various kinds of metal. In addition, the group planned to continue to support their page on MySpace; despite commands decaythe musicians were going to continue to answer questions and letters to his loyal fans.

At that stage,and indeed it seems that the disintegration of the group will be final and the restoration it can not be considered. For individual members of the group that does not become some kind of end of the world - so, Seth Kimbrough on his page on `MySpace` announcedthat found a new shelter in a death metal band Misery Chastain.This group has posted 3 songs - `The Unseen`,` Behold the Beast` and `Under a Weeping Sky` - on his page on` MySpace`. Later the team for some time toured Alabama, together with bands like Hidden Among Heroes and Me at the Least; in March 2009 -first saw the light of their debut album, `Awaiting the End`. In 2010the group disbanded Misery Chastain.

Elford TJ (TJ Alford) after the departure of the group settled in metalcore collective War of Ages. Steve Robinson (Steve Robinson) joined the team Materia Medica, although it mayand was not the most successful - at that time the team was clearly on the very verge of collapse; in fact,their website and profile on `MySpace` had already been abandoned and were not in the best condition. Adam Wright (Adam Wright) got the team The Glorious Unseen; team later this even released one album, `Tonight the Stars Speak`. Alan Sears (Alan Sears) after the departure of the group decided to concentrate on his personal life,but later he still managed to get a place in the hardcore group `Bareknuckle`. Richie Rhyl music world after leaving the Mortal Treason left; moving to St. Peterborough, Florida (St. Petersburg, Florida), he graduated and went on to become an engineer in `Audio Vision`, in Miami (Miami).It is known that at one time the band Mortal Treason managed to take part in a tour `The Rise of the Robots`; musicians performed with a number of very, very well-known bands such as The Showdown and Staple.Seth Kimbrough was known not only for their achievements in the musical career - he also managed to establish itself very,very talented cyclist -level X-Games; Seth later even included as an available character in the computer game `Mat Hoffman`s Pro BMX 2`. On the `X-Games` Kimbrough performed twice, in the 2000th and 2,001th; he took respectively the 4th and 15th place.

On December 8, 2014, a new group page on Facebook; thus the band announced their return.Restored group was composed of almost the original; new bassist became Byrom Clay (Clay Byrom). On further creative plans musicians accurately while it is not known - about new concerts or tours of the new tour Mortal Treason is not declared; we only know that the team is now actively working on new material,but what kind of material and in what form it will be presented to the public - is that only know themselves members of Mortal Treason. Now in the Mortal Treason group includes 5 people - Seth Kimbrough, Nikens Chase, Alan Sears, Clay and Josh Byrom Jarrett; in fact, from the original line-up in the current missing only one participant -Richie Rhyl. Will this time the musicians to hold the whole composition of long and what kind of music they plan to perform as an updated staff - only time will tell; Now only hope for that in the past, the group has not lost its former talent.

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