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Year of birth : 1984

Age: 31 year

Place of Birth : Tampa, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States


This team from Florida death metal failed to break the barriers between extreme music and commercial success. "Morbid angel" almost broke into the big leagues of rock ,and only constant accusations group leader, guitarist Trey Azagtota (Emmanuel George the Third) of fascism prevented them to be on the top.

However, the fact remains that the record sales team has exceeded the million mark by 1998. Two years have passed since the founding of "Morbid angel" (as it was in 1984) before they recorded their first demo, "Abominations Of Desolation". The team then entered except Trey Mike Browning (vocals, drums) and Sterling Von Scarborough (bass) . And during the release of their debut single, "Thy Kingdom Come" on drums was sitting Wayne Hartshill.

By the time the first album of the group consisted of Trey ,Pete Sandoval (drums) , Richard Brunell (guitar) and David Vincent (vocals, bass, ex- "Terrorizer"). "Altars Of Madness" get a powerful and aggressive both in music and in the lyrics. The British indie charts disc debuted at the first position, and has been recognized by critics as one of the most influential death metal albums.Morbid angelReliz 1991 "Blessed Are The Sick" has strengthened the reputation of "Morbid angel" as a classic death metal team. This also contributed to the recognition of continuous touring. In 1993, the group became the first death metal team, signed a contract with a major label. On the North American continent for the release of her album took "Giant / Warner",while in Europe it continued to be responsible business "Earache Records". In 1994 he left Brunell, and temporarily took his place on the guitarist Eric Ratena. In the same year he was released EP "Laibach remixes". After the release of the album "Domination", in which the sound appeared thrash components, "Morbid angel" rolled their global tour,started in their native Florida and lasted two years.

During this time the band toured all over America, and almost all of Europe. On the basis of the tour in 1996, "Earache Records" released the live album "Entangled In Chaos".

Morbid angelNa next year`s troubles began : Vincent first left and then went troubles with the label. Azagtot solved both problems with spending by safely negotiating and inviting place David experienced musician Steve Tucker. The choice was a success, and Tucker is very well fit into the team. very powerful album, "Formulas Fatal To The Flesh", in no way inferior in quality "Altars Of Madness" was recorded with him. The first 5,000 copies of the disc were completed bonus compact "Love Of Lava", contained by guitar solos recorded during the sessions. By the time the general circulation of the first albums exceeded half a million. Unfortunately, since 2000, the release of the album, "Gateways to Annihilation", left the band Steve Tucker ,He decided to concentrate on his other death metal project, "Ceremony".

Instead, he picked up the baton from Jared Anderson "Hate eternal". In September 2002 the company "Necropolis Records" released the album dedicated to "Morbid angel", a record which was attended by such groups as the "Zyklon", "Vader", "Behemoth", "Krisiun", "Angelcorpse","In aeternum", "Infernal" and "Diabolic".

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