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"Montrose" is essentially the first heavy American team, speaking a counterweight to the invasion of the British hard rock bands. Guitarist Ronnie Montrose began his career as a sessionschika working Herbie Hancock, Van Morrison and Edgar Winter, but over time he became more and more thought about creating your own team. Ronnie Dreams come true in 1973, when he, along with the talented vocalist Sammy Hagar organized the project name itself.The original composition of the group supplemented bassist Bill Church and drummer Denny Karmassi (in the `80s, he materialized in the" Heart ").

In November 1973, the company "Warner Bros." released their debut LP, which became the best job in the discography of "Montrose".Produced by Ted Templmenom (he was then engaged in the affairs of "Van Halen"), album, though not included in the first hundred, but later still crossed the platinum mark.

Montrose plate includes such militants as a "Space Station No. 5 ", "Bad Motor Scooter", "Rock the Nation", "Rock Candy",as well as a cover of Elvis Presley`s "Good Rockin` Tonight". Some songs were aired, but "Warner Bros.", do not seem to really understand, how to work with their new wards, and to the promotion of the album treated carelessly. The first felt something was wrong, Bill Church, shortly after the disc has ceded place to Alan Fitzgerald. In 1974with the same Ted Templmenom it was recorded a second album, "Paper Money". While the disk and present good things (such as "I Got The Fire", which then made the cover of "Iron Maiden"), the whole material was weaker debut.

Between Montrose and Hagar began finding the relationship,and their squabbling eventually led to the departure of the latter. However, Sammy was not affected by this, because in front of him waiting for a successful solo career and fame in the ranks of "Van Halen".

Vacancy Montrose frontman in "Montrose" took Bob James, and in parallel in structure appeared keyboardist Jim Elsivar.Recorded in this configuration, and produced by the Montrose album with a great name "Warner Brothers Presents Montrose!" I did not meet the standards of the early group and differed lethargy material. After the release of the disc, realizing the sad prospects, resigned Fitzgerald and bass guitar passed to Randy Jo Hobbs. In 1976-m "Montrose" was invited to the role of producer Jack Douglas, and made a last attempt to win back the public. Alas, their expectations are not justified themselves, and the project was soon closed. Musicians scattered in all directions, and Ronnie, after several years of rest put together another team, "Gamma".By the name "Montrose" later guitarist returned twice: first in 1987, when he and John Edwards (vocals), Glenn Letshem (bass) and James Kottak (drums) released a record "Mean", and the second - in 2002, when in the company of Chuck Wright (bass),Pat Torpey (drums) and Keith SaintJohn (vocals) held a tour in support of the collection "The Very Best of Montrose".

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