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Year of birth : 1988

Age : 27 years

Place of Birth : Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States


Group "Monstrosity" is a representative of the old - school death metal ,which is consistent with its origin Florida. One of the founders of the project was the drummer, author of most songs, and many texts, Lee Harrison, remained for the next years, the only permanent member of the team.

The first serious bid "Monstrosity" made in 1991, releasing the legendary demo "Horror infinity".With this recording the band signed a contract with the German company "Nuclear blast", and the following year went to the studio to prepare their debut album. The sessions "Imperial doom" in addition to Harrison attended George Fisher (vocals) , Jason Gobel (guitar) , John Rubin (guitar) and Mark Van Erp (bass) . The disc has sold 40,000 copies and has received rave reviews from the press. In support of the album took a triumphant tour includes a visit to Austria, Switzerland, Holland and Germany.

MonstrosityNa German soil, the band recorded a video for the song "Final cremation",that "Nuclear blast" subsequently included in the compilation "Death is the beginning". Meanwhile, the musicians had disagreements with the label over royalties, and soon "Monstrosity" remained without a contract. In the studio came a long pause, which was interrupted in 1996, signing a contract with the American company "Conquest music".The second album, "Millenium", attended by Harrison Fisher, Jason Morgan (guitar) and Kelly Konlen (bass ; ex "Death"). Almost immediately after the sessions, Fisher went to "Cannibal corpse", and take the rap for him on tour had to Jason Avery.

Promotion of "Millenium" began with a seven-week North American tour ("Extremities tour"),after which the team swept through South America, and paid a visit to Europe, where she performed in a bundle with "Vader".

Monstrosity By the time the third release of Morgan replaced Tony Norman of "Eternal". In addition to the thirteen own songs "Monstrosity" on "In dark purity" also hit cover "Angel of death" unforgettable "Slayer".Meanwhile reshuffle continued, and soon the company Harrison, Avery and guitarist Norman made Patrick Hall and bassist Mike Podzhione. In 2001 he released the double album "Enslaving the masses". His first half was represented by remixes from "Imperial doom" and the early stuff with "Horror infinity", all of which was announced by the voice of Fisher. The second CD was a collection of live tracks recorded at various live performances "Monstrosity", but with Avery.

After the release of "Enslaving the masses" because of personal circumstances, Jason was forced to withdraw from the group and took place at the microphone Sam Molina. However, before the fifth album sessions Avery stood up again in operation ,Molina and switched to guitar.

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