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Year of birth : 2004

Age: 11 years

Citizenship : United States

Monsters of the American indie-folka

In any group there is a definite leader - most often it is the frontman, whose name appears on the covers of magazines and newspapers. But in the group `Monsters of Folk` no single star around which all life revolves ,instead of a full five ! Supergroup `Monsters of Folk` was founded during a joint tour of musicians with their projects and since then performs at major festivals. But who exactly is included in the group ? How did the joint work of musicians ? And what plans builds folk supergroup for the future?`Monsters of Folk` - popular American supergroup, founded in 2004 by five musicians met at a music festival. The original lineup included such stars as Jim James (Jim James) of the indie rock band `My Morning Jacket`, Connor Oberst (Conor Oberst) and Mike Mogis (Mike Mogis),played in the popular indie band `Bright Eyes` and Matthew Ward (Matthew Ward), a solo musician and one of the participants duo ` She & Him`. Subsequently, the group entered Will Johnson (Will Johnson), participant `Centro-matic`, called by critics one of the most prolific musicians on the American indie rock scene.Since all members of the supergroup are working on their own solo projects, the time for rehearsal and recording new material almost does not remain ; yet menemuzykanty able to record a studio album `Monsters of Folk` and several singles. The idea was born to create a supergroup musicians by chance with his own bands, they toured the United States and met at one of the many indie rock festivals. At first, the band talked to distant subjects, but then decided to play something together - and imenntak born `Monsters of Folk`.It is interesting that after a few rehearsals it became clear that in the new team of musicians could afford a little more freedom than in the framework of major projects, and so it was decided to talk about the formation of a small supergroup fans and perform a few songs written just a few days.

Needless to say ,that forfeits were ecstatic when they learned that the four stars are extremely popular indie rock bands decided to join forces. The news swept by a wave of music magazines and online publications, which are no longer fans, but critics have promised a great future musicians. During the following years the band with a periodicity appeared at festivals and even gave some concerts, but could not vyatsya for their debut album. Only in 2009, the year `Monsters of Folk` presented eponymous record ` Monsters of Folk`, recorded on the label `Rough Trade Records`.Album after a few days took the first place in the chart `Top Heatseekers`, and in the charts indie rock album ranked third ; He also touched on the third line in the hit parade of the best indie -folk albums, and osnovnomarte `Billboard 200` reached 15 lines. In late October 2009, one of the songs from the album, `Baby Boomer`,He was chosen in a selection of `Starbucks iTunes`.

In support of the album, the band gave several concerts and recorded several videos posted on the channel of the group on the Internet. A year after the release of their debut album, the band presented a single `Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)`.

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