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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of birth : New-Dzhersi, Trenton, United States

Citizenship : United States


By the time the "Monster magnet" founder and leader of the band Dave Uindorf already had behind him a solid rock `n ` roll experience (over 10 years) . The new team of Dave, started in 1989, also included his countrymen from New Jersey Tim Cronin (vocals) , John McBain (guitar) Joe Calandra (bass) and Jon Kleiman (drums) .

Mixing metal, punk, Space rock and psychedelia, the group created a viscous, rich Feedback heavy sound, select it from the crowd of retro - rockers. After creating a couple of demo films, "Monster magnet" debuted with the same EP, published a small German company "Glitterhouse".After that release the microphone passed the complete disposal Uindorfa and Cronin hid in the shadows, they chose the position of " conceptual consultant " group. In 1992, the band signed to independent label "Caroline records", on which they released their first full-length. "Spine of God" was a somber psychedelic album. Monster magnetSessii have been very productive, and the accumulated material was so much that several long Space -rock jams were then released a single record called "Tab". The video clip for the first single, "Medicine",as well as a tour in the company with the rising stars "Soundgarden" helped the team to attract the attention of majors, and in 1993, "Monster magnet" found refuge under the roof of "A & M". Just at this moment Uindorf seriously quarreled with McBain, and soon found himself in the place of John Ed Mundell. On "Superjudge" musicians sacrificed in favor of a runaway feedback muscular metal riffs.

However, this technique did not make any impression on the audience, absorbed grunge, and drive sales were disappointing. Under pressure from a group of several kommmertsializirovala label their sound on the next album, "Dopes to infinity".Although the single "Negasonic teenage warhead" hit the Top Ten, and "Monster magnet" had a good trip in the company of "Corrosion of conformity", the circulation "Dopes to infinity" slightly exceed "Superjudge".

Monster magnet Tired of unsuccessful attempts, Uindorf and his gang went to Las Vegas ,where riotous situation surrounding podviglaego to create a " breakthrough " album "Powertrip". With this work "Monster magnet" finally able to get a " Gold" status. By strengthening the composition by guitarist Phil Keyvano group he led two years touring life. During this time the " magnets " have time to play with the "Aerosmith", "Metallica", "Megadeth",as well as visit a skin headliners. In 2000, the team has prepared a new album, but this time on the label confusion reigned, and promotions "God says no" almost no one did.

The contract was soon lost, and chaos is also in the team. Members of the "Monster magnet" dispersed on a side project ,as a result of the two years the team was inactive. Finally, in 2002, it held a reunion tour, and after signing the contract with the "SPV" the band began work on a new album. In early 2003, the team left the Calandra and Kleiman, and the rhythm section "Monster magnet" includes a bass player and drummer Jim Baglino Bob Pantell.

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Monster Magnet picture
Monster Magnet photo
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