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Year of birth : 1966

Age: 49 years

Place of birth : Los Angeles, California ,USA

Citizenship : United States


Established initially in order to participate in the TV series, a group of " the Monkees " has found success in another niche, using the hype around the " British Invasion ". The idea of creation belongs to two television producers Bert Schneider and Bob Rafelson, who decided to represent somethingsomething like the Beatles "A Hard Day`s Night" on a blue screen.

They advertised in the press on the set of folk -rock musicians, who have responded to more than four hundred people. The winners were four people, and only one of them (and this was a guitarist and songwriter Michael Nesmith) read this was announced.The other three were Mickey Dolenz (drums) , Davy Jones (vocals) and Peter Tork (bass) . Nesmith and Tork previously labored in the folk scene, and Dolenz and Jones tried his hand at acting.

Since the guys were not exactly professionals in the music, the songwriting for the new group entrusted such well-known personalities in this business ,Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, Carole King and Neil Diamond. At first, the guys gave only record the vocals, although watched TV impression that guys play their instruments.

MonkeesTeleshou featuring "Monkees" shown in the period from 1966 to 1968 was a great success ,especially among teenagers. In September 1966 the group released their debut single, "Last Train to Clarksville", which became an instant hit and entrenched in the first position in the US charts. The same fate awaited the second sorokapyatka, "I`m a Believer". All this occurred against the background of the fact that the boys still trust only to sing ,and to play instruments hired session musicians. Particularly difficult in this moment was Nasmyth, to study music seriously and write songs. He somehow managed to push through some of his tunes for the record. Break the resistance of management only able to enter the third album, "Headquarters". It was foundthe guys know how to play better than sessionschikov, and they do everything from this point on themselves, though still occasionally resorted to by the service people. Finally, the first tour "Monkees", on which listeners were drawn with the greatest eagerness to listen to the mud bubble gum rock.

By the way, there was a moment,concerts that the group opened by none other than the then little-known Hendrix. However, their styles were so different that way "Monkees" and Jimi soon parted. In the wake of the psychedelic late 60`s group tried to use his music some elements of this style, but it turned out she is not very good. MonkeesK end of 1968 star team start rolling. The reason is it was primarily the fact that the TV series ended the show with his participation. First, the nerves have not sustained in Torquay, and he first left the team. The remaining trio continued working, releasing the following year a couple of gloomy album. did not like Nasmyth ,and he decided to realize their creative potential in his solo work. The remaining Dolenz and Jones have fulfilled their obligations to their Leib, writing a completely senseless plate "Changes". About the group remembered only in the mid 80s, when I suddenly found that many lacked cheerful bubble gum "Monkees".The early albums were re-released and their songs sounded again in the air.

Well, of course not without reunification. However, Nesmith, who by that time videomagnatom, did not participate in this matter, and only once rose from his former colleagues on stage. As usual in such cases, the team gave a series of concerts ,and recorded an album in 1989, he broke up again. The next reunion took place in 1996, when it all four together produced LP "Justus". "Monkees" continued and concerts, but this is mainly happening in a trio.

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Monkees photo
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