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200 American transsexual operationsMonique Allen suffers from a very rare addiction - addiction to surgery. Transsexual for a long time, spent almost all available funds on the new portions of silicone - and paid for it dearly.

Monique Allen (Monique Allen) - American transsexual, victim of addiction to surgery.Uncontrolled passions - it is always a bad thing ; about the dangers of alcoholism, drug addiction and overeating all know. However, there are also more exotic dependence - capable, despite its unusual nature, cause considerable harm to the owner. A striking example of this relationship can be called an uncontrolled passion for surgery. American transsexual Monique Allen for his life suffered more than 200 plastic surgery ; only one liquid plastic - often quite poor quality - her body was pumped over 12 liters.

23 operations on his nose ,9 breast augmentation - is now a former civil servant repent of their deeds, and more than anything else hopes that her story will serve as an example, able to get someone to turn off this curve and extremely unpretentious track.

Once upon a time not without a certain grace and charm Monique, izthe uncontrolled desire to constantly change your body into a nechtogrotesknoe. I do not go for the benefit of Allen and the fact that the legal clinic as often plastic handle it just did not agree - and so she regularly uses the services of illegal (and not very competent) doctors. At first glance it may seem crazy ,but at the time Monique was ready to go to the next underground surgeon from Tijuana (Tijuana), barely in her purse are extra two or three hundred dollars.

Now Allen pays for expensive mistakes of youth - just to say that many operatsiprinesli her very real disability.Allen could hardly walk, and find former beauty is no longer hope ; about her dream of a normal life and not have to - everything that she once was, Allen destroyed with his own hands.

Introduced in Allen silicone body gradually spreading throughout the body, considerably impeding circulation.In addition to the already mentioned problems with walking Monique suffered from necrosis of the skin ; to hide the dead areas of the skin it is necessary under a thick layer of makeup.

The first step to the current result Monique made in

`22 - It was then that she took sex-change operation ; shortly thereafter, Allen helped the surgeons to acquire a luxurious chest,which she had long dreamed of. Then Monique decided to correct the nose, it has long seemed insufficient beautiful ; Allen then just lost control. At first glance, everything seemed easy and harmless - after anesthesia, doctors poured into the said body part silicone, giving it the desired shape. Not without thinking for a moment aboutthan have to pay for these magical transformations, Allen again and snovaobraschalas to doctors. She did not pay any attention to darkening of the skin in the area of silicon input or on the reputation of their doctors - one of her surgeons was the infamous John Reginald ` Myasnik` Brown (John Reginald` Butcher` Brown),later received a prison sentence for the murder because of medical negligence.

Monique realizes his mistake too late - to correct their actions it is unlikely to succeed. Allen has spent about 100,000 pounds to remove excess silicone, but did not manage to solve the problem as a whole Monica.Atone for their sins Allen plans in another way - by helping others not make the familiar mistakes her. Monique has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that because of all sorts of cosmetic surgeries in recent years more and more likely to die young and rather pretty girls ;Allen herself demonstrates exemplary fate that death is not much better. ` Silicone in quantities simply has no right to stay in the human tele` - Allen says ; anyone who has seen it with my own eyes, willing to agree.

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Monique Allen image
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Monique Allen picture
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