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Place of birth : New York, USA

Citizenship : United States


First was the philosophy.

Namely, a course on the subject at the University of George Madison (Washington) , where back in 1998 the fate -or trivial requirements for studies - brought Edmond Hallas (Edmond Hallas), a frequenter of the New York punk / harkdor scenes with Vivian Sarratt (Vivian Sarrat), the daughter of immigrants from postwar Vietnam. Shortly after the couple began dating boyfriend and girlfriend. Two years later it was decided to legitimize the relationship ,but because the status has changed to more serious - husband and wife. Status of this - Mommy and Daddy - Edmond and Vivian waited two long years, until 2002, no, they have not had a child - a union exclusively family has grown even in the creative, received such a misleading name.

" When she sings and presses on the keys ,He plays bass guitar. When he sings, and takes up the [ AMD ] car, she - bass " - so the musicians describe their duet in a press release to the Duel At Dawn, the last album on the record really can hear the rowdy vocals Edmond, reminiscent of the classics of British punk (. by the way, love is not limited to the UK -initially releases the group came out only in this country) , and a deep "male" vocals in the style of Dave Vivian Gan (Depeche Mode), gives way to a rapid emotional aggressiveness.

The minimum set of actors and instruments cited in this case, to minimalism and sound : here there is nothing but synthetic dance beats ,sverhgryazny imposed on bass. This, however, was enough to create a corporate group has style : a cross between a grim hooliganism with sophisticated playfulness. It is no coincidence creativity Mommy and Daddy so often compared to the Berlin 20 - ies. - Time of fun, excitement, debauch, experiments, questionable nightlife ; time ecstasy of life ,as if in a last attempt to enjoy it before the impending and overwhelming catastrophe. Time, so similar to the music of the most unusual " Mommy and Daddy " in the world.

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