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Year of birth : 1975

Age: 40 years

Place of birth : Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyThis team of Jacksonville (FL) is called by the name of merry aunt Molly Hetchet who beheaded her lovers after a stormy night. The band formed in the early `70s, but it took several years before it emerged resembling the composition and staff received a contract from the "Epic" company. By the time the release of their debut album in the team, there were six people : Danny Joe Brown (born August 25, 1951, from March 10, 2005 ; vocals.. ) , Dave Hlabek (guitar) , Duane Roland (guitar) , Steve Holland (guitar) , Banner Thomas (bass) and Bruce Crump (drums) . Incendiary southern rock with a three - guitar attack and a powerful roar Brown hit the audience `s taste,plate and quickly crossed the platinum mark.

The second LP was even more successful - thanks to the title track "Flirtin` With Disaster" made it into the top twenty, and doubled its circulation surpassed its predecessor. Despite the meteoric rise "Molly Hatchet", in 1980, Brown left the team. He was replaced by Jimmy Farrar ,but as the new frontman did not have such expressive vocals Danny, the band`s popularity began to decline.

Molly HatchetI still " Molly " by inertia continued to enjoy commercial success, and albums recorded with Farrar ("Beatin` The Odds" and "Take No Prisoners") hit the "Billboard", respectively, on 25 th and 36 th place. In 1982-m Jimmy left to do a solo career and the group returned to Danny Joe Brown. At the same time as part she appeared keyboardist John Galvin, and changed the rhythm section : bass took over the Riff West and drums moved to BB Borden. On "No Guts. .. No Glory" team tried to return to their roots, but, oddly enough, the album failed.In 1984, at the insistence of Hlabeka band changed directions and issued a pop -rock work "Deed Is Done", in which the little that remained of the corporate identity "Molly Hatchet".

In 1985, a live album was released "Double Trouble", after which the team significantly slowed down. Finally, in 1989, " Molly " returned ,but without Hlabeka and with a new contract from the "Capitol Records". Alas, the comeback was a fiasco, and the disc "Lightning Strikes Twice", filled with sugary AOR- th even refused to buy "MH" hard-nosed fans.

Molly HatchetPoluchiv such a strong blow, "Molly Hatchet" tied with studio work for a longer period.

Nevertheless,despite the personnel fever, in the first half of the 90 team still continued to give concerts. During this period, Brown aggravated health problems, but when the musicians still have decided to create a new album, he had to leave. Disc "Devil`s Canyon" was recorded as part of Bobby Ingram (guitar) , John Galvin (keyboards) , Phil McCormack (vocals) Bryan Bassett (guitar) , Andy McKinney (bass) and Mack Crawford (drums) . This time, the team seems to have decided not to experiment with the mainstream, and finally returned to the path of southern rock.

This was confirmed by subsequent work ("Silent Reign Of Heroes", "Kingdom Of XII", "Warriors Of The Rainbow Bridge"), as well as concerts ,Includes constant Adventure "Flirtin With Disaster", "Gator Country", "Whiskey Man", "Dreams I`ll Never Dee". In the late 90`s and beyond "Molly Hatchet" released a fair amount of lives provided background and his 25 - year anniversary celebrated collection of "25th Anniversary: Best Of Re-Recorded".

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