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Year of birth : 1966

Age: 49 years

Place of birth : San Francisco, California, USA

Citizenship : United States

BiographyGroup "Moby Grape" is one of the most underrated teams ` 60s, despite the great game of talented musicians who were part of it. An exceptional guitarist and poet Alexander " Skip " Spence (b. April 18, 1946, Canada) was invited by David Freyberg in "Quicksilver Messenger Service" in 1965 ,but he was soon lured into the "Jefferson Airplane" guitarist Marty Balin.

" Skip " left " Airplane " in 1966, having had time to record an album with them in the role of striker. This time, fate brought him into the group "Moby Grape", organized by the manager of the same "Jefferson Airplane" Matthew Katz.

The structure "MG" also hit Jerry Miller (b. June 10, 1943 ,Washington; guitar, vocals), Bob Mosley (born December 4, 1942, California,. bass guitar, vocals), Don Stephenson (born October 15, 1942, Washington,. drums) and Peter Lewis (born July 15, 1945, California,. guitar, vocals). Debuting on the "Ark" Marinkaunti Stadium in the summer of 1966, the band quickly became known in narrow circles. Moby GrapeCherez while the musicians were invited in the legendary hall "Fillmor East", followed by "Moby Grape" are widely known as a hippie cult team. The heavy psychedelia, blues- based and interesting vocal harmonies isolated "Grape" among other groups from San Francisco. As a result ,the group was made thirteen proposals from major record labels, the contract with "Columbia Records" has been selected of which. Recorded there debut album represented a very interesting fusion of early hard rock and slow songs. But the debut was followed by a series of setbacks : the record company overdone with advertising and simultaneously released five singles from the album, and they all failed with a crash. Reputation group quickly fell, and a great debut album was severely criticized by the press.In the same week, three musicians from "Moby Grape" was arrested for possession of drugs, and the album was withdrawn from sale because of the presence on the cover of indecent gesture.

Moby GrapeK Unfortunately, neither a busy schedule of performances or bad vtoroypolnometrazhnik - "Wow" (1968), were not able to remedy the situation, and Spence ,He is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, was in a psychiatric hospital, from which he emerged not quite a normal person (but it still did not prevent him from recording a solo album) . After a really unsuccessful third album of the gang knocked Mosley. Taking to his new bass player, Bob Moore, "Moby Grape" recorded a great drive, "Truly Fine Citizen" (1969)then safely broke. .. and came back.

The result was not quite tolerable - " 20 Granite Creek" is still regarded as the worst of their work. After that, "Moby Grape" occasionally reunited once again combing alternating bars of California with a record of mediocre records under the guise of "Grape".After the death of " Skip " Spence (died April 19, 1999 from lung cancer) , the hope for a normal reunification of the once glorious team disappeared.

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Moby Grape photo
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