Moana Pozzi

Picture of Moana Pozzi

Date of Birth: 04/27/1961

Age: 33

Place of birth: Liguria

Citizenship: Italy

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Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Anna was born in Genoa, Liguria, Italy (Genoa, Liguria, Italia). Unusual name `Moana` parents chose her with the help of a geographical map; there was a beautiful word in the district of Hawaii (Hawaii). Some translate it as possible, as `the deepest place morya`. Moana`s father was a specialist in nuclear installations; to work him - and his family - often had to move around the world. Moana teenager for some time lived in Canada (Canada) and Brazil (Brazil); in 1974, she returned to Italy. After graduating from school there, she decided not to move once again - this time the family set off to France (France) - and start an independent life. Settle Pozzi decided in Rome (Rome).

For a while Moana worked as a model and studied acting. Several times, she managed to get into advertising or get a small episode in the comedy film. Pozzi has always distinguished the incredible ambition; it is known that there were many unee very, very famous lovers - among them included even Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi (Bettino Craxi). With his help Moana got a job at Rai Television channel, in the children`s entertainment program; The same year saw the light of the first hardcore porn with her participation, `Valentina, ragazza in calore`. Pozzi was not even mentioned in the credits; This, however, did not prevent the burst scandal - many simply could not see the heroine of this film in the children`s program. Moana denied the fact of filming in porn, but with television she still had to go. The scandal, however, to some extent, the actress went to the benefit - about her for some time actively written in the press.

In 1985, Federico Fellini (Federico Fellini) invited Moana in his painting `Ginger and Fred` (` Ginger and Fred`). A year later, Pozzi met Riccardo Shichchi (Riccardo Schicchi), the manager `Diva Future` - agency cooperates with the popular porn star of the time, like the legendary Cicciolina (Cicciolina). Soon came the first porn film with Pozzi in the title role - `Fantastica Moana`; the first time the actress has performed under his real name. A little later, she was invited to the show `Curve Deliziose` - there Moana (along with several other porn stars - including Cicciolina) - masturbation on stage live. The show caused a great public outcry; its creators were accused of violating public order and incredibly obscene. Again, scandal actress went only benefit - soon it became incredibly popular. After some time, I managed to outshine itself Pozzi Cicciolina - the good, she just decided to leave the pornography for political careers.

In interviews with the press Moana always readily and easily the most discussed topics zapretnye` `; actress clearly was aware that what it did for a living and getting a lot of pleasure from it.

In 1992, Pozzi - paired with `Hungarian Chichcholinoy` Ilona Staller (Ilona Staller) founded the` Italian party Lyubvi` ( `Love Party of Italy`); in the political program of the party were listed legalization of brothels, the development of sex education and the creation of so-called `lyubvi` parks. None of the parties has not passed in parliament, but the actress has received additional advertising.

In the summer of 1994 at the Pozzi suddenly started having health problems - she began to lose weight and almost could not eat normally. The actress took a vacation, and - together with her secret husband Antonio di Siesko (Antonio Di Ciesco) - I went to India. In favor of it this does not matter; Returning to Europe, she was forced to go to hospital. September 15, 1994, the actress died. The reasons for her death are not known precisely and to this day; Some sources say about liver cancer, others - about AIDS.