Mitrofan Bogaevskiy

Picture of Mitrofan Bogaevskiy

Date of Birth: 11/23/1881

Age: 36

Place of birth: village Kamensk-& # 774;

Citizenship: Russia


After the historical-philological faculty of St. Petersburg University, where all the years of study was chairman Don fraternities, from 1911 taught at the grammar school of Novocherkassk; since 1914 director of the gymnasium in the art. Kamenka. Nonpartisan. He studied the history of the ATS, advocated the revival of the old Cossack. traditions, the development of the local Cossack. culture. She nicknamed "Don Chrysostom", enjoyed high prestige among the Cossacks.

After the February Revolution of 1917 was in March, the chairman of 1st All-Russian Cossack congress in Petrograd. In April, Novocherkassk chairman of the 1st Congress of the Don Cossacks, who was appointed chairman of the executive committee for the elaboration of the Regulations on the election and the convening of the Don Host Krug. Bogaevsky revived Cossack narodopravstva value. Prepared by addressing issues of local self-government on the bases of equality of rights, non-estate and universal suffrage. Draft Regulation on the Cossack administration Bogayevsky based on the orders existing at the territory of the Don army (ATS) to 1721: "Land Cossack awarded" - ownership of the Don Cossacks, but the project is accepted and the rights of indigenous peasants on the landlords ground (normal maximum tenure - 35 tithes) ; ATS - inseparable, but the authors. part of Russia: provided for the establishment of the electoral Don Prospect Island, led by chieftain. Convened after a 196-year hiatus, the Army of the Don Krug (May 26-June 18 Novocherkassk) took Bogayevsky proposals chosen him his sight. Comrade. Host Ataman AM Kaledin. In May, the draft Regulation on the Cossack. Self-government was sent for approval to the Provisional. pr-woo, it introduced an amendment - ATS is controlled by the Commissioner of the Provisional Government. Bogaevsky has ensured that this amendment and Circle chieftain was rejected. After the suppression of speech LG Kornilov (August) Provisional. pr-in, accusing Kaledin complicity, demanded his appearance in court. At the insistence of Bogayevsky Circle restored old Cossack. Law: "No Extradition from Don." Bogaevsky was forced to reckon with the Soviets and dec. to-ter, but he was their enemy and the principal enemy of Bolshevism. At the initiative of Bogayevsky Circle declared independence on October 20 ATS - before the formation of the government in Russia, is acceptable to the Cossacks.

October. roar-tion met openly hostile, opposed the establishment of Soviet power, was among the ideologists of one of the first armament. speeches, marked the beginning of the Civil. War. In December, she entered the "Don Civic Council", claim the role of the All-Russian pravitelva. Speech against the Soviet regime was not supported by the Cossack. mass and defeated.

January 29, 1918 Bogaevsky with Kaledin resigned. March 6, was arrested by the Red Guards in the art. Velikokniazheskaya, contained in Novocherkassk, then - in Rostov-on-Don, was the shooting of Mr.