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Mystery shot down over Sakhalin "Boeing": it was a real dogfight In the skies over the Soviet Union?

The Western press reported: "747", "Korean Air", en route flight 007 New York - Seoul to refuel in Anchorage (Alaska), violated the Soviet border and was shot down over Sakhalin Island Soviet fighter. Killed 269 people.

"Cold War" was in full swing, and the US immediately blamed the Soviet Union in the cold-blooded murder of innocent people. The Soviet Union in the Western world was the "evil empire" forever.

The Soviet press confirmed that the plane was shot down, but with all kinds of reservations.

It is a tragedy for a long time was the main topic of conversation in the Soviet kitchens. People are fiercely debated, what is more important - protection of the territory or a human life ...

But the statement did not believe all Americans. French aviaekspert Brun interested contradictory reports about the tragedy. He conducted his own investigation, take more 10 years, which resulted in the book "Sakhalin incident." It Brune collected and analyzed a great number of facts to refute the generally accepted version. According to the Frenchman, that night on the territory of the USSR provocative sally of the enemy has been made, which ended in a real air battle, which had been shot down at least nine aircraft. His theory Brune unveiled a few years ago, but only recently has his book was published in Russian ( "Algorithm" publishing house). It was called "Third World over Sakhalin, or who shot down a Korean airliner."

lost liner Chronicle

Briefly reconstruct the events 26 years ago. September 1, the 6.05 am flight KAL 007 was supposed to arrive in Seoul. The airport has gathered an impressive crowd of greeters. But no 6.05 no 7 or at 9 am on the "Boeing" nothing was known. Finally, at 10 am Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Korea, with reference to the CIA announced: "The plane landed in Sakhalin, crew and passengers are safe." Reassured crowd dispersed wait relatives, and vice-president of "Korean Air" immediately flew to Japan to organize the return of the passengers and crew. However, when he arrived in Tokyo, the Foreign Ministry official said that Flight 007 did not land on Sakhalin and its location is not known.

Then began the rescue operation, which was more like a military action. At the same time, with the support of aviation search aircraft were fleets of Japan, the US and the USSR.

"The amount of power more in line with the small war than what is supposed to be only a humanitarian search and rescue action civil airliner crash victims ... The most extensive list of civil aircraft ever undertaken, using the most modern techniques lasted two months . November 10, 1983, as if by general agreement, searches were discontinued. No fragments of KAL 007 was never found. The average depth of the area reaches almost 160 meters, and the ocean floor is almost flat. How could they not see the plane? "747" seems to evaporate, "- says Brune.

Official reaction to the incident was as follows: September 3, Tass said that there had been a violation of the border, after which the plane disappeared from radar. 9 September USSR recognized that the Korean airliner was shot down, but until then deliberately violated our borders - for the study of the Soviet air defense system in the area. The aircraft repeatedly warned of unacceptable actions, but he ignored any messages, after which he was shot down.

The Americans have formulated their position immediately: pilots "Boeing" off course by chance, they were killed Soviet bloodsuckers.

The investigation starts

But the world is divided into two camps, completely forgot about the third parties - Japan. But in Japan closely followed the events. And the Japanese version of what happened at the outset different from the US version. Carefully studying the messages the first hours and days after the tragedy, Brune concludes commenting on the incident, the official Washington and Tokyo say ... on different planes!

Details inquisitive Frenchman causes are many, but the main discrepancy - a time when the "Boeing" was shot down. In the American version, the plane shot down in 3.38, and on the Japanese - as much as 9 minutes earlier - at 3.29. Each side resulted in proof of their radar data.

"When I was in the spring and summer of 1985 reading the newspaper files in the Japanese national library, I was most struck by the fact that the differences between the two versions of the story means: was made no one interception, but several, and on Sakhalin was hit by not one, but several aircraft. This completely changes the whole picture. "

Further more...

"Looking through the material of the Japanese press, we find three different period, when the Korean ship was allegedly intercepted four starting period when the missiles were fired and hit the target, four-period, when the airliner allegedly disappeared from radar screens, and four different period of his death. Data indicate four interception and at least four or maybe five downed aircraft. "

These assumptions are confirmed and fragments of which were found in different places in the first weeks of the rescue expedition. The fact that the wreckage was really a lot of, but none of them belonged to "Boeing"!

"Chip number 31 - a piece of the flap from a small or medium-size aircraft, the front edge of the rectangular. The only aircraft, which have a rectangular edge flaps - Double Fighter F-111 and its twin, equipped with means of electronic warfare, - EF-111 ... The other chip only military aircraft could belong only American-made. It is number 34, it catapults the pilot`s seat of the "McDonnell Douglas" to shoot powder charges. A specialist from the Pentagon, to whom I showed the photograph, immediately recognized the seat, even before I told him where it came from ... We are dealing with a disaster of American military aircraft; the pilot managed to eject and dropped by parachute. "

Later, in the early 90s, no less amazing testimony will give the Soviet divers rises debris elsewhere.

"We did not see any bodies or in the first or second day ... The plane was full of different objects, but there was absolutely no trace of bodies. There was no luggage, even carry-on baggage. On the other hand, there were a lot of things that you would not expect to see on a passenger plane ... We picked up film reel for computers and recording devices. "

"From this core divers lifted two hundred baskets sizes and a half meters by two, - continues Brun - filled documents and electronic equipment. Finding such a large number of documents and the electronic equipment indicates reconnaissance aircraft such as the RC-135, which is full of classified documents. "

All in all, as found Brun in different places it was found skeletons of nine different aircraft. And they were all military.

Dogfight over Sakhalin

Then the Frenchman sent to Japan to search for the wreckage of an accident "Korean". After all, somewhere they must have been! And like the amateur archaeologist Schliemann, despite ridicule excavated Troy, he finds them! Dozens of fragments of different sizes, made up of exactly the same cellular material from which made fuselages "Boeing" Brune were found on the coast of Japan near the city of Niigata. Much further south (about 600 km) of the place where the incident looking liner. Given that the other disasters here for many years did not happen, and carefully studied the map of ocean currents, debris that could come to the shore, the researcher concludes: Flight 007 crashed not over Sakhalin, and at the very coast of Japan.

But then what happened over Sakhalin? With whom they were released the rocket, and whose traces recorded American and Japanese radars, which we discussed at the outset? According to Bruno, the Soviet Armed Forces in the night had to give a real fight.

And the key to this finding was the document that Russia gave the International Civil Aviation Association in 1993.

"The majority of Russian documents are transcripts of talks between the ground command posts in Sakhalin, from the Chief of the Far Eastern District General Aviation Kamensky until the officers of lower rank ...

I want to summarize the observations, the reader got an idea of ??the film, which opened before the Soviet team in Sakhalin. They saw six intruders coming to them literally at the same time. At 5.05 the first intruder entered the airspace of Sakhalin. In the 5.07 - second intruder. Four minutes later, at 5.11, the third intruder ... At the same time, the fourth radar intruder was discovered was seen. All at the same time, there was a fifth intruder crossing the Kurils. And at 5.12 Japanese radars recorded the sixth offender.

In such circumstances, it is easy to see why the Soviet commanders decided to shoot down intruders without following lengthy warning procedures. They probably just followed the existing orders. "

Mystery "Koreans