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Date of Birth: 02/12/1961

Age: 54

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Honored Artist of Russia (2008)

Winner of the St. Petersburg`s highest theatrical prize "Golden Soffit" (2004, for his role in the play "Wedding Krechinsky")


Mikhail Razumovsky was born and raised in Leningrad. And what could dream of a boy who spent his early years at sea ?! His childhood and adolescence were formed in the summer camp "Scarlet Sails" from the Institute of Shipbuilding. As recognized by Michael himself, it was very valuable and productive time.

On the theater is for the time being does not raise questions. For the first time on stage Mikhail Razumovsky I thought thirteen years, when he heard on the radio that the boys are recruited to the film "open book." The boy went to audition, held three rounds of fables, dances, a pantomime, but the picture was not approved. Nevertheless, the data indicated and recommended to enter a theater high school. Then Michael and then fuse the idea of ??becoming an actor.

its universities

After school, Michael Razumovsky decided to get "serious" education. He enrolled at the Shipbuilding Institute, which was then in 1982 successfully graduated. But the actor`s path is still a young man beckoned. Upon graduation Michael was obliged to three years to work in the factory and do at this time is not come, but he was able to achieve in the Ministry of the right to freedom of employment. The following year he worked in parallel and went to drama school at LSU.

Mikhail Razumovsky recalls: "But the entrance exams, I" flew ", because there were no documents for admission. A year has gone, "try their luck" in Moscow, but there was the same. I acted in the Moscow Art Theatre, in the "Pike" in "Sliver", but bezdokumentov me, of course, did not take. As a result, I enrolled in a course to LGITMiK IP Vladimirov. By the way, with me on the course we studied these now famous artists like Jurassic Galtsev Irina Rakshin, Sergei Selin, Svetlana Pismichenko ".


In 1986, Mikhail Razumovsky graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography and went to Murmansk. There he spent some time playing the Murmansk Regional Drama Theater. It was busy in the performances: "Dear Elena" (Pasha), "the kingdom of the earth" (Lot), "Breakfast with the unknown" (Crane), "The Steadfast Tin Soldier" (Victor).

In the late 80s the actor returned to his hometown. From 1989 to 1992 he worked in the theater "Shelter comedian". Among his works on the stage of this theater: Misha Pestrov in the play "Christmas tree at the Ivanovs` Predikan in the play" Love is not a joke, "Mitrich in" Moscow - Petushki "Yerofeyev. The next step was the theater "Saturday" (1992-1993), where Razumovsky had a chance to take part in the performances: "Tender Is the Night" (Dick Diver) and "Rag Doll" (Gen. V).

In 1993, Gennady Trostjanetsky director invited actor in the "Theatre on Foundry" in the role of Edmund in the play "King Lear". This was followed by roles in "Three Sisters" on the play by Chekhov (Salty), "Harp Greeting" (Kos), "Taibele and Her Demon" (Manasseh), "Urban Romance" (Alex), "Catherine the Great" by Bernard Shaw (Potemkin).

Since 2004, Mikhail Razumovsky serves Comedy Theatre. The actor plays in the performances: "Lovers" (Fuldzhentso), "Wedding Krechinsky" (Krechinsky), "Country Wife" (Mr Horner), "The Importance of Being Earnest" (John Worthing). For her performance as Krechinsky awarded St. Petersburg`s highest theatrical prize "Golden Soffit". Besides the actor is working with youth theater, "White Theatre" and "Russian Enterprise named after Andrey Mironov."


In the movie, Mikhail Razumovsky began acting in 1978. The first work of the actor were so insignificant (page in the historical film "Yaroslavna, Queen of France, and an episode in the action film" The venue can not be changed "), that his name was not including in the credits. Until the beginning of the new century, Mikhail Razumovsky appeared on the screen is extremely rare. He explains it this way: "I have had a period of congestion in the theater, about cinema, I did not think ..."

A new period in the acting career of Michael Razumovsky came in 2001. He starred in the popular television series "Streets of broken lamps -3" (actor Leon Derkach) and "NLS Agency" (a card sharpie Ukhanov), after which - even in a couple of TV shows. In 2003, on the screens of the country came 4th, 5th and 6th part of the series "Gangster Petersburg", where Mikhail played a major role - investigator Alexander Zverev. This role was the starting point of his career and the original card of the actor.

In the period from 2004 to 2011 Mikhail Razumovsky starred in two dozen films and serials of different genres. His heroes were Tabanin in vosmiseriynogo melodrama "banker" Kirzhaev in the adventure series "cornering" mafioso named "Plasma" in the action series "Mine-2. Gold Rush ", Stepan Zatsepin in the blockbuster" Black Snow ", Ivan Shuvalov in the historical drama" Pen and Sword "Letov in the police series" Foundry, 4 "criminal authority Maro detective in" Love stamped "Top Secret" -3 " Stepan Kolomiets in melodramatic TV series "The word woman," Colonel Sergei Pavlovich Morozov detective comedy "Counter-flow", the ringleader of the gang of smugglers Simon Lentsman in the blockbuster "archipelago-18" and others.

Personal life

Mikhail Razumovsky married and has two sons. Vladimir (born in 1982) graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics Department of St. Petersburg State University, and the youngest - Peter (born in 1996) - is a schoolboy.


1978 Yaroslavna, Queen of France

1979 The venue can not be changed

Order 1987

1993 Presentation for ...

2001 Streets of broken lamps -3 - series

2001 Agency DL - series

2002 Deadly force-4 - show

2002 Agency "Golden bullet" - TV series

2003 Mongoose - series

2003 Female Novel

2003 Gangster Petersburg - 4 (Prisoner) - series

2003 Gangster Petersburg - 5 (Oper) - series

2003 Gangster Petersburg - 6 (Journalist) - series

2004 Travels and adventure one love

2004 On a bend - series

2005 banker (Ukraine)

2005 Gangster Petersburg - 7 (Redistribution) - series

2006 Mine 2. Gold Rush - TV series

2006 Gangster Petersburg - 9 (Dutch Passage) - series

2007 Black Snow

2007 Pen and Sword - series

2007 Revenge - art

2007 Foundry, 4 (1st season) - TV series

2008 Black Snow 2

2008 Keep me rain

2008 Van Gogh is not guilty (Ukraine)

Dash 2009

2009 flock

2009 Love stamped "Top Secret" -3

2009-2010 Word woman - series

2010 Sea Devils. Destiny - series

2010 Foundry, 4 (Season 4) - series

Fury 2011 (Russia-Ukraine)

2011 archipelago-18

In 2011 Counter for

2011 Spring in December

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