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"Misfits" were born in April 1977 in the small town of Lodi, in the state of New Jersey. Punk movement then began to decline, but the vocalist Glenn Danzig and bassist Jerry " Ounli " Caiaphas did not hesitate to organize another punk band. The name for the project, they have borrowed from the latest film featuring Marilyn Monroe. The first drummer Manny, whom first single was recorded, "Cough Cool". The release of the band released on his label "Blank Records", later renamed " the Plan 9 ". Then for drums sat Jim Catania ,but other than that the team came guitarist Frank Licata.

However, their presence in the team was short-lived, and the band was stabilized only by 1980. Then we entered the Quartet `s younger brother Jerry Paul named Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein and drummer Arthur Goody. "Misfits" performed primitive punk uncombed where vseafter penetrating melodies of rock and roll commands 50s.

And its image musicians borrowed from horror movies, they were carried away. It went to their " diabolical " dresses and "death " makeup. The official symbol of the group was "The Fiend" - a skull depicted on clothing and instruments of Danzig and the company.Until 1981, the team produced only singles and mini - albums and a full album appeared only in 1982. After the release of "Walk Among Us" unhappy formulation of the monetary issue of the "Misfits" dumped Goody. To record the next full length was first brought Erie Stellman background, but this type of tapped only a week ,and at the sessions of the drums had to deal with punk producer Rob

After a short tour, which drummed Brian Demedzh, at the end of 1983, announced his retirement Glenn Danzig. Thus the "Misfits" ceased to exist. Danzig organized the first "Samhain", and then "Danzig", and brothers fouled project "Kryst the Conqueror",has released only one EP.

Meanwhile, in the mid-80s came out several collections of "Misfits", which entered previously unreleased material. On the work of the group did not forget the people, and such monsters as the "Metallica" and "Guns N`Roses" performed their covers. In 1996, the brothers decided to revive Caiaphas "Misfits",invited to his company vocalist Michael Graves and drummer Dr. Chad. During the year they have prepared a new album, "American psycho", released on the "Geffen records". The disc turned out quite aggressive and showedthat the group has had a considerable influence on many of today`s teams from "Green day" and "Rancid" and ending with "Marilyn Manson" and "Slipknot". Another record was released in 1999 and is filled as always monsters, vampires and other evil spirits.

And in 2001, "Misfits" led by Jerry Ounli celebrated its 25th anniversary ,in the celebration which was attended by members of the participation of "Ramones" and "Black flag". A few years later, Jerry and the company recorded the album "Project 1950 ", which consisted of covers of punk rock and roll things 50s.

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