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Jewelry label with 90 years of history

Created in the 20 `s of the 20th century, the label `Miriam Haskell` is popular to this day. In many respects it is a merit of its founder, American Miriam Haskell - has become perhaps one of the first really bright and strong female characters in world fashion - jewelery industry.

Miriam Haskell was born on July 1, 1899 the first in Tell City, Indiana (Tell City, Indiana). Her parents, Russian - Jewish immigrants ,ran a small shop. After high school, Miriam spent 3 years at the University of Chicago ; in 1924th Haskell moved to New York (New York City). Arriving in an unfamiliar city with 500 dollars in his pocket, Miriam was able to pretty quickly and competently to turn ; in a relatively short period of time she opened her own business. Already in 1926-om Haskell created her own jewelry boutique. In the same year the enterprise Miriam Hess joined Frank (Frank Hess). Their joint work was fraught with difficulties - so Haskell and Hess while arguing for the right to be issued by the authors of a number of label jewelry. However,this did not prevent them from working together until the departure of the company`s Miriam ; Hess, incidentally, did not leave a jewelry design and then. In the 30`s the company moved to Fifth Avenue. During the Great Depression of the Haskell jewelry enjoyed considerable success ; the designer is actively used in his art glass, rhinestones and gold-plated products ,creating jewelry and stylish at the same time, and relatively inexpensive. Using considerable success with the public, the company continued to actively expand; new boutiques opened in large shopping centers, and other cities, states and even other countries.

Jewelry from Miriam Haskell enjoyed success not only among fans of jewelry budget ;Haskell work wear - both at public events, as well as for his own pleasure - real movie stars like Joan Crawford (Joan Crawford), Lucille Ball (Lucille Ball), Gloria Vanderbilt (Gloria Vanderbilt) and the Duchess of Windsor. It is known that Crawford was almost complete collection of jewelry from Miriam Haskell ,covering almost 40 years of history the jewelry label activities.

The interest among collectors, oddly enough, cause not only the jewelry Haskell ; successfully used as promotional watercolor, used to promote new jewelry. A large number of these posters came up in 1978, ;Haskell family began to sell family archives, in order to somehow pay the bills for the care of a middle-aged Miriam.

Vintage Miriam Haskell works still enjoy great success with collectors ; however, until 1950, signed jewelry by Haskell hardly produced. The first signed collection of jewelry from Miriam Haskell introduced the world women `s brother, Joseph Haskell (Joseph Haskell). Attempts to organize something similar, however, have been made before - so, in the 40th store in New England categorically demanded that all the decorations received them supplied with personal sign Haskell (small plashkoy-Breastfeeding where Miriam sign it) . Ornaments of this kind, however, are a true rarity.

Among the clients of Miriam Haskell was Florenz Ziegfeld (Florenz Ziegfeld); he bought decorations for the participants of your project ` Madness Zigfelda` (` Ziegfeld Follies `).Services Haskell also enjoyed a fairly well-known owner of Food Network Bernard Gimbel (Bernard Gimbel) and heir of a major rental company Hertz, John Jr. (John D. Hertz, Jr.). To create new ornaments Haskell approached very, very carefully ; the company Hess she sought out suitable materials in Paris (Paris),Jablonec (Gablonz), Venice (Venice) and Wattens (Wattens), at the legendary factory crystals Daniel Swarovski (Daniel Swarovski). Haskell lives on the estate, which was built on the Hudson (Hudson River), near Ossining (Ossining). In 1937, when the big flood happened Ohio ,designer collected for those in need a large amount of ammunition - and she returned home in order to provide all possible assistance. During the Second World Haskell also proved to be a very, very worthy - it actively donated to the military and even asked Hess to create a new line of patriotic jewelry ,not containing a metal and made entirely of plastic and natural materials.

The horrors of the Second World seriously undermined the health and overall emotional state of the designer. In the 50`s Miriam began to have serious health problems ; Even strict adherence to only healthy foods could not help Haskell. In 1950th Miriam effectively lost control of the company, entrust it to the care of brothers. For a while she lived in New York, with his widowed mother ; as the passage of time her behavior became more and more bizarre. The 1977th Miriam moved to Cincinnati (Cincinnati),where it took care of her nephew, Malcolm Dubin (Malcolm Dubin). The 1981st Miriam died. Someone might say that this death was the very sad conclusion of such a distinguished life, but Haskell in his life has made so much that death to reduce the scale of its achievements could not. Actually,Miriam has managed to become one of the few really bright and strong women in the world at the time - and, to some extent, their achievements easier road to success for the representatives of the next generation.

The company `Miriam Haskell` exists to this day, a few decades after the death of its founder. Miriam Haskell was able to create a company, which turned out to be uneasy for a time ; reckon with the 20 - ies of the 20th century, synonymous with high style and elegant jewelry, Miriam, the company still continues its every new decoration to confirm his brilliant reputation.Among contemporary jewelers `Miriam Haskell` is considered one of the most famous and effective in all respects

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