Miranda Gibson

Picture of Miranda Gibson

Citizenship: Australia

The act of protest

What people do to protect nature. So, they were stripped naked, but would not wear fur, organize sit-ins, hunger strikes and rallies. The point is, of course, necessary and respected, because nature itself protected from modern man is simply not able to.

Australian Miranda Gibson (Miranda Gibson) went a little further many environmentalists - her way to tell the world about the need to preserve forests incredibly extravagant. So, this Australian girl has godzhivet on the tree. That is, not only on the tree, the tree only. In other words, the earth literally Miranda Gibson did not go more than a year.

Her original and the original protest started December 14, 2011. That`s when she climbed a tall tree, to build a wooden platform, where he arranged for herself a permanent place of dwelling. His act Miranda makes an attempt to save the forest from being cut down.

Going it raises up to her room on the rope pulls the waste wood. On the tree Miranda installed and solar battery, which gives the girl the opportunity to cook and even to use their laptop.

Platform Miranda is located 60 meters above the ground. By the way, this forest Miranda Gibson began to fight after I saw that, in spite of the promise of some time ago, the protection of the forest is still continued to cut down.

His years on the tree girl calls herself simply stunning. On the ground, it did not go down even once.

By the way, birthday alone, and snowflakes falling from the sky stalinastoyaschimi tests for the young defender of the forest, but Miranda did not think to give up. So, to celebrate his year on the tree, Miranda Gibson decided to remain on the tree, stay as long as the forest is no longer in need of protection.

However, to stop deforestation or Miranda Gibson, nor its more traditional in their methods of struggle for the preservation of nature colleagues, alas, so far failed.

The girl, however, is confident - no matter how many trees could be saved, the main thing - do not sit back.