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Year of birth : 1980

Age: 35 years

Place of birth : San Pedro, California, United States

Citizenship : United States


`Minutemen` - American hardcore punk band formed in 1980 in San Pedro, California (San Pedro, California). The group included guitarist D. Boon (D. Boon), bassist Mike Watt (Mike Watt) and drummer George Hurley (George Hurley). Total group has released 4 albums and 8 EP.Watt and Boon met when they were both 13 years old. Combine them, besides the usual lessons for teens, passion for music ; Boone`s mother once taught him to play guitar, and invited Michael to try to master the bass. Some time friends play together ; They played mostly cover versions of favorite songs.

In 1977, Boon and Watt ,with George Hurley and vocalist Martin Tamburovichem (Martin Tamburovich) formed the band `The Reactionaries`. For a long time, this group did not last, but it is based on it `Minutemen` group was created in the future.

At first the group consisted of only Watt and Boon - Hurley, whose friends had planned to use as a drummer ,He joined the team `Hey Taxi!`. For some time the drums worked Tonchev Frank (Frank Tonche); however, in June 1980 Tonchev left and drumsticks in his hands took Hurley.

For the first time on the stage reached in the `Minutemen` quality warm-up concert ` Black Flag`. Later, Greg Ginn (Greg Ginn) of the `Black Flag` helped the band to record their first EP,`Paranoid Time` - enjoyed a certain, although not very popular among the hardcore fans.

In 1981 they released their first LP - `The Punch Line`; by the time they are almost non-stop travel through the country. Over time, `Minutemen` become extremely popular - in any case, on the underground scene ;among other things, their audience impressed peculiar group categorical rejection ` zaezzhennyh` moves - such as choirs and guitar solos. However, by this rejection band eventually got rid of - and popular methods of their rightful place in their work ; however, and for a relatively unusual position moves it left. The growing popularity of `Minutemen` owed primarily constant touring tours.

In 1984, the band released a double album `Double Nickels on the Dime`. Wide audience this record almost did not understand, but it is completely imbued with the underground.

In 1985 came the record `Project: Mersh`; it is, on the contrary,It was much more understandable to the masses - and as a result, received a hostile reception informals.

After the third album, ` 3 -Way

Tie (For Last) `, the group decided to leave the studio for a while and went to another tour - with the then relatively unknown group ` R.E.M.`. His last concert was given `Minutemen` 13th December 1985-st.

22 December 1985 D. Boon was killed in a car accident. This terrible tragedy brought an end to `Minutemen` and had almost finished the musical career of Michael Watt - that after his friend`s death plunged into deep depression and even planned for a long time to completely abandon music. It is known that before the death of Boone`s band planned to record studiyno-live album ` 3 Dudes, 6 Sides, Half Studio, Half Live`. A year later, Watt and Hurley gathered together had their concert recordings yet released the record `Ballot Result`. In addition, before the band planned to record an album with the songs on texts by Richard Meltzer (Richard Meltzer); alas, this project was not to be realized. Watt and Hurley are engaged in music and to this day ; Both are involved directly in a number of projects, often perform solo and sometimes cooperate with each other

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Minutemen photo
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