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Year of birth: 1980

Age: 35 years

Place of birth: Washington, USA

Citizenship: United States


Despite such a short time,group had a significant impact on the further development of the US independent hardcore scene of the eighties. The composition of the group "Straight Edge" has become a sort of anthem for the Straight Edge movement. As for the music critics, they are assigned a group label "cult" ("iconic"). With another Washington-based hardcore band Bad Brains, Minor Threat laid the foundations for further development of the hardcore music 80s and 90s.

early years

While still in the Wilson High School, Ian McKay (Ian MacKaye) and Jeff Nelson (Jeff Nelson) played in a punk band Teen Idles. After the Teen Idles collapsed, McKay and Nelson decided to create a new group,the Mackay instead of swimmingGuitar decided to take the microphone. Became the band`s bassist Brian Baker (Brian Baker), and guitarist Lil Preslar (Lyle Preslar), which in turn, before singing in Extorts group.

The first performance of Minor Threat held in December 1980. In 1981, the band recorded and released their first EP -Minor Threat and In My Eyes.The guys quickly became popular in the local alternative scene and successfully toured with concerts in the US east coast.

"Straight Edge" - song from their first EP, has become quite popular in the emerging straight-edge environment. Lyrics - call for the abandonment of the use of alcohol, drugs,a call to a healthy lifestyle - a complete contrast between the traditional slogan of rock music - "sex, drugs, rock-n-roll".

The composition "Guilty of Being White" ("Guilty because white") was the basis for the charges of racism group, but, according to the McKay some listeners simply misunderstood the true meaning of the text. At school,where he studied McKay, nearly 70 % of the students were black, so that McKay and his friends are not just faced with the manifestations of racial intolerance.

Later this song was recorded a cover band Slayer line where "Guilty of being white" have been replaced by "Guilty of being right (" guilty because rights ").

Break of 1981-1982In the summer of 1981 the band stopped their performances as Lil Preslar, being a student of Northwestern University, was forced to go to Illinois, where he was, but returned very soon - in April 1982. During this period,McKay and Nelson worked on the project with the double name Skewbald / Grand Union (the guys are not able to agree on a common name), which remained a studio. Brian Baker, this time playing the guitar in the band Government Issue. With the return of Presler Group again has started. Fall of 1982the group added guitarist Steve Hansgen (Steve Hansgen).

In 1983, the band released the album Out of Step.

The collapse of the group

Minor Threat broke up in 1983, due to disagreements between the band members. The last concert of the band played September 23, 1983, concluded by the song "Last Song" (original title "Salad Days").Activities after the collapse

McKay later briefly played in bands Embrace, Egg Hunt, and in 1987 founded Fugazi.

Baker worked with groups Junkyard, The Meatmen, Dag Nasty, Government Issue, then with Bad Religion.Lil Preslar briefly played with the band Samhain. Also, some time he has participated in The Meatmen with Baker.Later he worked in Preslar Caroline Records, including with Peter Gabriel, Ben Folds, Chemical Brothers, a group of Idaho.

Jeff Nelson played in Three and The High Back Chairs, subsequently, as McKay, founded his own label, Adult Swim Records.iv Hansgen founded the Second Wind group.He also worked with Tool in 1992 on the creation of their first EP Opiate.

Own label Dischord Records Group continued existence and after Minor Thread decay, becoming, over time known independent record label. He recorded many hardcoreGroup East Coast - Government Issue, Void, Scream, Fugazi, Artificial Peace, Rites of Spring, Gray Matter,Dag Nasty.

Interesting Facts

Nike company has used the cover of EP and the band logo poster for your advertising campaign entitled "Major Threat" in 2005. This caused confusion participants Minor Threat, and fans of the group organized a campaign of protest against the actions of the corporation. June 27, 2007 Nike apologized to the group,the label and the fans of unauthorized use of works of Minor Threat, and said that all questionable from a legal point of view, the materials destroyed.

October 29, 2005, Fox Film Company used the band`s music (the song "Salad Days") during NFL broadcasts, without the knowledge of it nor the group, nor Dischord Records. Subsequently,the company stated that, as playing time was short-lived, copyright musicians and label were not infringed.

Members of the groupYan McKay (Ian MacKaye) - vocals (1980-1983)

Lil Preslar (Lyle Preslar) - guitar (1980-1983)

Baker Brian (Brian Baker) - Bass (1980-1982, 1983) ; guitar (1982-1983)

Steve Hansgen (Steve Hansgen - bass (1982-1983) Jeff Nelson (Jeff Nelson) - drums (1980-1983)

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