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Year of birth : 1967

Age: 48 years

Place of birth : Morgantown ,West Virginia, United States

Citizenship : United States

The first Christian rock band

In the second half of the 20th century in the United States began to emerge a new genre - Christian rock, which, according to many, was not a random rotation of musical history, but the progress of major corporations and the church itself. Whatever it was,`Mind Garage` are the first band whose music was used during a church service. But exactly how the band was formed ? Exactly how the musicians decided to play Christian rock ? And some modern groups took the example of the creativity `Mind Garage`?

`Mind Garage` - American rock band formed in 1967 in Morgantown ,West Virginia (Morgantown, West Virginia). Despite the fact that the group has performed in such styles as progressive rock, hard rock and psychedelic rock, the best known musicians have received for their Christian songs, which, according to critics, became in the truest sense of the canons for all subsequent groups and all genres of Christian rock. In 1968, one of the band`s songs, `Electric Liturgy`, used during the church service, and within a few months of their performance in the church already televised across America. In total, the group has recorded 9 albums, most of which - on the label `RCA`;recent albums were recorded during the short reunions that took place to be in 1983, 2007 and 2008.

`Mind Garage` was founded in 1967 in Morgantown, immediately after the collapse of the group ` Glass Menagerie`, where musicians were playing future. The founders and leaders of the group were Larry MakKlarg

Larry McClurg),Jack Bond (Jack Bond) and Lytton Norris (Norris Lytton), and they decided to diversify his repertoire of religious texts. Soon they were joined by several new musicians, students of West Virginia University.

Of course, the pinnacle of the band was the song `The Electric Liturgy`, which literally conquered religious America.Despite the fact that the song was described as ` hristianskaya` themselves participants saw it as a completely different - an attempt to expand the scope of religion and music, to end up to some extent try representatives of different faiths. Soon the song became known all over the country ,and the group has received national recognition and was able to bring the musicians from the underground, which in the minds of Americans, they were associated only with mud, drugs and sex.

In 1969 `Mind Garage` were invited to the festival of Woodstock (Woodstock), but the band refused to participate. They have not signed a new contract ,but discreetly away from the world of music and continued to live as before zhli. Only the drummer for the band often played with other bands as a guest musician. In 1983, the group gathered to record a few songs, and in 2007 took part in the festival `Goodstock Music Festival`.

Despite,that at the time `Mind Garage` term ` Christian rok` has not yet been opened, many critics attribute group is to it ; others go further and confidently say that the term ` Christian rok`, as well as all subsequent genre, appeared thanks to the creativity `Mind Garage`.

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