Millie Brown

Picture of Millie Brown

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom

Art vomiting: A shocking way to create paintings

Millie was 17 when, speaking alone on the stage of Berlin (Berlin), she was going to try this, which had never been done. Next to the girl stood seven bottles with milk.

Content bottles were painted in a certain color, depending on the food coloring. Milli calmed down and took a sip of the first bottle - red milk.

`I wanted to use your body to create art - she recalls. - I would like to make it truly came from the inside, to create something beautiful, unplanned, not giving kontrolyu`.

What is this unusual, and even literally coming out of the human body, says Brown?

She says: `I vomit all the colors of the rainbow right on stsene`.

In total, for all his `gag performans` she spent about two hours, snatching them out of the body one color hue at a time.

`I`m not even sure it was possible to do it physically - says Milly. - I did not eat in those days, because I do not know how much my stomach need time for processing food. And I do not think that the food pieces in the paint is necessarily krasivo`.

A resident of London (London), Millie Brown was invited to Berlin as one of the participants `! WOWOW!`, A group of artists, designers, writers and musicians from London`s Peckham.

At that time, she became seriously interested in the performing arts, and its new action, referred to as `rvotoyna holsty`, made a deep impression on the viewer.

Brown says: `You know, there`s an old lady was present, which so shocked seen that it zaplakala`.

Since the first `emetic performansa` passed nine years. Milly works now exhibited in various galleries. Public reaction to this kind of art was the most diverse - anger, sympathy, laughter, excitement, disgust.

Showered with accusations that Brown is trying to `glamurizirovat`, present in an embellished form, such a modern society trouble as bulimia. The attacks intensified after Millie with his girlfriend Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga), which even in 2009 released a small share video, started a new project.

When Gaga performed the song `Swine` at SXSW Showcase festival in Texas (Texas), Brown first sip of milk with a green luminous paint, which is plucked directly on the singer`s chest, and then drank black. Further, the company was Milli Gaga, writhing on the mechanical bull, and once again has caused vomiting.

`Vomiting - This is not an art, and you yourself - ugly whore, - says one of the angry comments received Milli on Twitter.

Another foe, does not mince words, I wrote the following: `You`re a piece of shit, like she Gaga`.

However, many, if not most, supported by a shocking performance Gaga and Brown. Someone even asked me to, and he got a little colored vomit.

The media reaction to trick two skandalistok was much more relaxed. One has only to recall the product `Shit hudozhnika` (` Artist`s Shit`) Piero Manzoni (Piero Manzoni) or photograph `Piss Christ` Andres Serrano (Andres Serrano). Or self-portrait of Marc Quinn (Marc Quinn) from 4.5 liters of his own blood or installation Tracey Emin (Tracey Emin) `My krovat` (` My Bed`) with a bloody underwear and used condoms. After the speech, Brown Gaga and representatives of the press, so to speak, put a tick in the `rvota`, and continued their dispassionate observation of this world freaks.

Before the Milli second time `oroshaet` his girlfriend black milk Gaga shouts:` To hell with you, Pop. It`s pop art! Free yourself! `Then there was silence suited Millie, even somewhat fettered in his movements. She`s trying to induce vomiting, as it seems, with feigned modesty, but after so many years of practice, it turns out she is not very good.

Milly puts in his mouth the middle and index fingers, trying to release the contents of the stomach, but often on Gaga pour only a thin trickle of milk. Sheer Brown stated the following: `Such attempts and birth entertainment. I think it reflects the human prirodu`.

`This, of course, not the glamor. It`s not even in antiglamur Gaga style. It`s sad, it`s real, it pozorno`.

In response to what he saw, the singer and actress Demi Lovato (Demi Lovato), in the past with eating disorders, said: `Bulimia - it`s not cool. Many people who are struggling to regain their individuality, seriously affected the observation of those things that make them kumiry`.

Once a victim of bulimia, Lady Gaga, protecting artistic freedom Milli, told the audience in Texas: `I do not say that vomiting will change our world. I just want to show ... to show that we want sozdat`.

However, a motion to dismiss the fact that Gaga is doing with Brown, signed already about 10,500 people.

As it responded Millie? `I`m using my body to create something beautiful, - she said. - I think many people have misunderstood me. My art has nothing to do with eating disorders. If I were a man, a mass reaction followed by`.

It remains to add that today the Azerbaijani making mandatory monthly break between performances and uses only two or three colors, so as not to provoke health problems. About five years ago, Brown became a vegan, partly because of the growth of aversion to cow`s milk. It replaced the cow`s milk to soy.

Strange phobia to cow`s milk took a sharp form, that today the Azerbaijani simply can not just touch the packet of milk. `I`m disgusted about the thought of moloke` - she admits.

Brown said that after each `emetic performansa` it remains a bit of dyed liquid. Thus, the creative process, much more intimate, lasts for Milli and in the dressing room.