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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Place of birth : Ruston, Louisiana, United StatesCitizenship : United States

A timeless classic indie


`Neutral Milk Hotel` - American indie folk band founded by Jeff Mengamom (Jeff Mangum) in 1989, the year. After a decade of existence, ignited in two studio albums, several singles and in fact the formation of psychedelic folk, the band broke up in 1999, the year. IN 2013 -m,the band announced the reunion for a farewell tour of America, but there are rumors today that the band are planning to do and get back on stage.

In the world of modern folk music, which mixes the sound of original folk music of the last century and modern elements of indie rock, `Neutral Milk Hotel` became not only the most well-known musicians, but those who own music shaped the development of style, evolved in step with the development of the group itself. Emotional and intricate texts in the works of the group mixed with acoustic sound, which is easy to suddenly knocks on the electronic insert or overloaded guitars. It is interesting that in the middle of 1990 `s` Neutral Milk Hotel` failed to achieve much commercial success despite positive feedback from most major music publications: `Pitchfork Media`,` Magnet Magazine`, `Allmusic` and many others. Only in the 2000s, When indie rock stepped forward and rallied around him this genre again surfaced well -forgotten name `Neutral Milk Hotel`.According to other musicians, they were the group that inspired and to write their own songs. Interestingly also the fact that after more than 10 years of the band`s songs sound quite modern, as if it were written in recent years.

The group was founded in the late 1980s, though, to be precise, the two groups -`The Olivia Tremor Control` and` Neutral Milk Hotel` - were founded almost simultaneously, and bound them, Jeff Mangum, at that time barely graduated from high school. Gradually, he began to pay more attention to the second group, as part of which he has become famous; first team, `The Olivia Tremor Control`, lasted until the 2000s,and the year after 9 -year sabbatical, returned to the stage in 2009, the year. The composition `Neutral Milk Hotel` also included Scott Spillane (Scott Spillane), Jeremy Barnes (Jeremy Barnes) and Julian Koster (Julian Koster). At first, none of the musicians did not take group work seriously,but over time the songs and the overall sound of the band began to take a more distinctive color, which significantly affected the desire of musicians to keep writing music. The first song came out on tape, but later, after the conclusion of the contract, entered into or out albums of singles.

In 1996, the year they released their debut album -`On Avery Island`. The album, recorded in Denver (Denver, Colorado), attracted the attention of critics and other musicians. It was this album was the beginning of the label `The Elephant 6 Recording Company`, an independent company of musicians, united around Jeff and his friends. Despite the fact that the label was founded in the early 1990s,it was with the advent of `Neutral Milk Hotel` he began to fully function and attract new musicians.

The second work, `In the Aeroplane Over the Sea`, turned the group into a fairly well-known on the independent scene the team came in 1998, the year.In writing songs as Jeff admitted he was inspired by thoughts of a Jewish family during World War II. One of the songs - `Holland, 1945` - in a rather unusual form of telling the story of Anne Frank (Anne Frank), and the lines began:` The only girl I loved, was born with white roses in glazah`. The album received rave reviews from critics,who were satisfied with both the music and the theme of war, kotorayapronizyvala each song, connecting them into a single story.

Unfortunately, the album was not commercially successful. During the following years they recorded a few singles, but in 1999, the group announced the decay,which was a complete surprise for the fans expect from the new group of works. After the breakup of the group, Jeff paved write music, he has also made a film about the work of the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek (Slavoj Zizek).

In 2010, the year Jeff has given several live performances,which received a lot of publicity in the music circles. In 2011 -year he played a few songs during the protests `Occupy Wall Street`. Gradually, the musician began a solo career, which, however, is largely borrowed sound `Neutral Milk Hotel`.

April 2013the year the group threw fans into shock after Jeff announced in an interview that the band reunited for a joint tour. Interesting, that after the tour, the band did not give comments about the future plans to give fans the chance to hope that after 14 years, the band suddenly comes to life

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