Milan Bandic

Picture of Milan Bandic

Date of Birth: 12/22/1955

Age: 60

Place of birth: Chest

Citizenship: Croatia


Since 1995 Deputy of the Zagreb City Council. Since 1997 chairman of the Zagreb branch of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP). In 2000 he was elected mayor of Zagreb and held this post until 2002. Re-elected in 2005 and 2009 Bandicha next mandate expires in 2013.

Bandich - one of the most influential politicians in Croatia, which is associated with the position of Zagreb in the economy: the city produces 30% of the Croatian GDP and a budget of 7.38 billion HRK (35.88 billion rubles). He is experiencing difficulties in his political career because of his actions. So, he could not become the leader of the Social Democratic Party, as it was in the opposition Zoran Milanovic, and was his chief opponent, and the elections were held under the supervision of Milanovic.

Bandich popular Zagreb public due to her activities as mayor. Some sources believe Bandicha one of the most active mayors in the history of Zagreb. This is due to its huge ambition and a large number of started and completed large-scale projects for the reconstruction and improvement of the city`s most famous of them - the update of the former Ljubljana Avenue (now the Zagreb Avenue), the construction of the Arena "Zagreb" and the bridge of the Fatherland (horv. Domovinski most) in the Great Gorica (a suburb of the capital). The bridge was opened in 2007 during the third Bandicha mandate.

Bandich divorced, ex-wife Vesna, daughter of Ana Maria.