Mikhail Tryasorukov

Picture of Mikhail Tryasorukov

Date of Birth: 09/08/1962

Age: 54

Citizenship: Russia


In 1988 he entered the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinematography, and already since 1989, continuing his studies at the institute began to play bright comic role in "Buff" theater repertoire.

This creative success came Tryasorukovu after graduation. From the first day he took a leading position in the troupe, became a favorite of the public.

theatrical works

Liguria - Machiavelli "Mandragora";

Sganarelle - "Don Juan";

Colombo - Labish "Marriage in French or Selimar Charming Man";

Judge - Anouilh "The generals in skirts";

Bruno - Nikolayev "Love to the grave";

Rinaldi - "Casanova in Russia";

Delyavo - "Adventuress";

Kleber Carlier - "Blues";

Dmitry Ivanovich - "Captive Spirits";

Kostya - "Circus left, clowns were";

Defurnet- "Colomba";

Chipmunks - "Acting or history with the continuation of";

Rasplyuev - "Wedding Krechinsky";

Strawberries - "The Inspector General".

prizes and awards

Winner of the First Open Russian competition entertainers (St. Petersburg, 1996).