Mikhail Polosukhin

Picture of Mikhail Polosukhin

Date of birth: 01.09.1966

Age: 50

Birthplace: Volgograd

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Honored Artist of Russia (28.12.2007)

Awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation "For Achievements in Culture" (2000)

A.Romashina Laureate Award in the category "Best Actor" (2004, 2006, 2008, 2011)


Who is likely to become a young man, three generations of ancestors who were the actors? Probably, the answer is obvious. However, Volgograd boy Misha Polosuhin initially did not think about it. In early childhood he dreamed of becoming or ice-cream, or a fireman, and later - a sailor long voyage. Dreams ... A child is a child. And only reached a sensible age, he realized for himself that is sure to become an actor.

What is theater, Mikhail Polosuhin represented very well. He grew up in its atmosphere and knew it - hard work. Yes, and my mother told him bluntly: "Misha, theater - is the grave of pride." But the young man for himself other alternatives are not represented.


In 1989, instead of the deceased in Volgograd Dramteat ra opened New Experimental Theatre (NET), the leader of which was Otar Dzhangisherashvili. The chief director brought with him a young acting team, among whom was Mikhail Polosuhin. The new vision is already known performances, the young enthusiasm of talented performers - all this found an echo among the many spectators Volgograd. Rarely a performance took place without a full house ...

Volgograd theater audience loved Michael Polosuhina immediately. He stood out for its eccentricity: high growth, extravagant appearance and, most importantly, the undoubted talent. His stage characters are often at odds with the usual classical vision. Get the same Glumova of "Mad Money" on Ostrovsky. That is why the local newspaper so loved to write about it. But with all this Polosuhin he remained and continues to remain the person, not loving scandals and cheap PR.

For 12 years it has been played many different roles, but prevailed among them comic and negative. How brilliantly he played Shpriha in "Masquerade" Lermontov or Tybalt in "Romeo and Juliet" by Shakespeare!

Moon Theatre

Man is always looking for creative ways for their growth. Over time, it began to think and Michael Polosuhin. And he dropped a chance ...

In 2001, the head of the Moscow "Theater of the Moon" Sergei Prokhanov Polosuhina invited Michael to the role of Horn in the musical "Lips" on the novel by Nabokov "Camera Obscura". With this work began the path of the actor on the metropolitan scene. At first it was not easy - in Volgograd, he was an idol and was a leading holder of the troupe of actors. Here everything had to begin anew. In addition, other rates, another level. But there is a widespread assertion that "talent always will find its way." In the case of Michael, everything was just so.

four major and several smaller roles they had played in the first 4 years. For debutant theater - it`s a good indicator. His first big win was the role of Richard III in the eponymous play by Lithuanian director Algirdas Latenas marked prestigious award named after Anatoly Romashin in the category "Best Actor". Sam Michael Polosuhin calls this work a godsend: "It was a very interesting job. The actor is rarely given the opportunity to play in the life of such a contradictory, complex historical figure. "

On the stage of the capital Mikhail Polosuhin an actor grew up. His characters became deeper, more varied. And he himself was already bored playing the straight villains. In subsequent years Polosuhin again and again was awarded Anatoly Romashin: in 2006 for the role of the actor in the play "Scores of Nino Rota", in 2008 - for the role of the Goblin in the play "Natural Extra", in 2011 - for his role as Count Raul in the play "Mata Hari - eyes of the day." In between these accolades, and more precisely December 28, 2007, Mikhail Nikolaevich was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.


On the radio Polosuhin Michael started to work in Volgograd - it sounded fantastic holo regional "Russian Radio" and "New Wave".

After moving to the capital, where the actor and decided to try his hand. He brought on the "Russian Radio-2" and its tape ... it soon became "official voice". How to explain his own work MihailPolosuhin: "... this is not quite the speaker, but also not a DJ - it`s more serious work, live, and I`m doing" otkryshki "," zakryshki ", ie Caps for programs that are in the air. "


The film was due to Mikhail Polosuhin Moon Theatre. In 2007, Sergey Prokhanov removed mystical tape "Theater of the Moon, or Space fool 13:28", which tells about the life of a theater. Michael Polosuhin played in the picture of the role of Misha, a bodyguard theater director.

Then there were: thug Kohl popular youth series "Club", a psychotherapist Cyril May in one of the episodes of "Ruble Live