Mikele Loconte

Picture of Mikele Loconte

Date of Birth: 05/12/1973

Age: 42

Place of birth: Cerignola

Citizenship: Italy


Mikelangelo Loconte was born in Cerignola (Italy), December 5, 1973. Real name - Mikelangelo Loconte Michele. At school he is constantly called Michelangelo`s passion for painting, sculpture, and poetry. It was his pseudonym.

His parents - teachers. At Michele has a younger brother Pietro (b. July 27, 1982) and older sister Angela (b. April 4, 1972), which are also the artists.

Michele a child is involved in television shows and plays on stage starring roles.

In his native city he received a bachelor`s degree in applied arts with a minor architecture and designer furniture. I got a Master of Arts degree. He graduated from the Faculty of course "Science Communication" in Perugia with a degree in "Science and technique of advertising."

At 21, fate brings him to Rita Pavone (Rita Pavone). Thanks to their joint activities Mikelangelo Loconte vyigryvaetpervy national holiday prize Unknown (the analog of the contest of young talents), broadcast RAI2 for the performance of