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Date of Birth: 05/25/1963

Age: 53

Place of Birth: Scarborough

Citizenship: United Kingdom

"MK-Boulevard" Mike Myers

Author: Noemia Young

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Mike Myers born May 25, 1963 in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

At the age of nine, Mike starred in television commercials with the actress Gilda Radner. On the last day of filming Mike cried. Since then, his brothers began to call it a sucker ( "Sucky Baby").

In 1982 he graduated from high school and enrolled in the Theatre "Second City Comedy".

In 1988, he began his television career in Sat unlay Night Live - the most popular humorous TV show America. Myers spent six seasons.

May 22, 1993 he married Robin Ruzan.

Mike loves dogs. He had three of them at home. They are named in honor of his favorite players.

- Mike, how you were a kid?

- In high school I was very, very shy. Basically it goes even from my childhood. Once I drank che-to pee, they told me that it was lemonade "Mountain Dew". Since that day, I can not drink, "Dew" and if I pass by the machine with the lemonade, I`m covered with sweat. This I got from this shock. I almost did not do anything. I myself was the target of attacks.

- At what point did you come up with these ridiculous teeth?

- We did a fake TV commercials for Saturday Night Live (show that Myers has long conducted a television), which was called "British toothpaste made entirely without sugar." All advertising had bad teeth, and the slogan was: "You do not need to brush your teeth every day."

- How you lured to his film Madonna?

- Let`s define the word "lured". We`re just good friends. I always wanted to say that (chuckles) and I said it! I met Madonna on Saturday Night Live. We filmed an episode of "Wayne`s World", and my wife was unofficially know her, know her friends. Then her company Maverick Record recorded the soundtrack to the Warner Brothers, and there was a song that is very consistent with the 60 th year and was very psychedelic - Beautiful Stranger, and I thought that it would be ideal for my film. There`s a bit of the 60s and 90s, and it is a very good song. So then I made a video.

- What is the reaction of the Bond, Sean Connery, in your film - the best, probably a parody of bondianu? Have you ever met him?

- I met with Sean Connery. I heard that he liked the "Austin Powers" than I can brag about, because it (shrugs, spreading his hands apart) Sean Connery! I was in Cannes and there met Sean Connery, and I am a very shy person, who can at times be sociable. And then I met him and he said something like: "How do you like Cannes, old man?". I was so frightened that he could only say "Wow". So. "So you`re here for a couple of days?" - He asked me on Connery. And I say, "Yes." I could say a few hours with him, and I looked like an idiot, a real idiot. So I went back down.

- I feel that your father - the reason why you`re doing comedy. How does it affect you?

- It is one hundred percent true. It seems to me that in Liverpool all funny. In particular, I knew it when he went to his uncles and aunts. My parents were not poor, but they were from "Middle-class down" (literally "bottom of the middle class"). In Liverpool, the only thing, which is owned by a man - his own body. Therefore, people are either very sexy or very funny or play the guitar. My cousins ??know how it all. My father valued three things that are underestimated by society. First, know that all will be well. "All right, let`s calm down." Second, appreciate stupidity. "Let`s have some fun". If someone would meet to write a book about my father, it would be folly praise. He thought he was stupid underestimated. He was very, very stupid man. I`m stupid and I see an adult price stupidity. Life itself confirms this. And finally, my father used to say: "I - not my job," People in Canada have asked my father what he did for a living, and he hated that question, because it was selling encyclopedias. And he answered: "None of your business" (Mike imitates a strong British accent). Therefore, every time he invented a new occupation. It could be improvised for an hour or two: he was the Ambassador of Guatemala, was playing bongos in the "Mission Impossible", then I worked on a plaster mine. All the time something inconceivable. And this kind of silliness really influenced me.

- You grew up in Canada, but you probably strongly influenced by the British tradition?

- Oh yeah. My parents moved to Canada in 1956 from Liverpool, but no such ardent Englishman, as one who no longer lives in England. Our house was a place of worship around the English. My father would wake my two older brothers, Peter and Paul, and I was sleeping all together on the same couch, and infinitely tea with lots of toast. We watched British shows and movies with Peter Sellers, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore. Well, James Bond films, of course. Therefore, the "Austin Powers 2" - a tribute to my father introduced me at an early age with all those British comedies.

- What has changed in your career after his father`s death?

- This was hard. The extent to which my father was getting worse due to illness, in proportion as my career progressed. That`s why I took a break. I`m very used to come to visit my mom and dad and tell them what happened this week. When he died, I realized that the need to do things that tells you the heart. I`m not making any plans. If I want to do something very commercial, I will not do it with an English guy with bad teeth and hairy chest. In this you can be sure ...

- And how is your mother influenced your life?

- My father did and said funny veshi. My mother bunny is also very funny and eccentric. My mom does not conduct internal monologues, she can say whatever comes into her head. She can go by car and suddenly say (female voice, imitating a British accent of his mother): "You know, the ants do not like cucumbers." And that to me is: "Termites do not like cinnamon." She said strange and incomprehensible things. I said to her: "Mom, do you want cheese," and she told me: "You know, Rembrandt light ruler." This is the influence of my mother. (At that time the phone rings to his agent.) This is my mom calling. Tell her that the ants like cucumbers.

- Is it true that you met his wife when hockey puck hit it?

- No, it`s a little more complicated story. Firstly, I`m a big fan of hockey. I`m from Toronto, and can specifically go somewhere, just to see the game, "Toronto Maple Leafs". And so I went to Chicago to watch the game, "Toronto". That evening, the puck hit me. In mathematical terms the probability that you will get a washer is practically zero. As I got! The same evening I met my future wife, and because I was terribly shy, the only thing that I thought of to say was: "I fell in the washer!". I did not think I liked it. And three days later, in the same vacation, I met her again ... and blah blah blah (laughs). We immediately gathered that abnormal and surprising. Three years later, we went to Boston to see how the "Toronto" plays against "Bruins", and now the puck hit it. Shortly thereafter, in 1993, we were married. Here`s how hockey puck impact on my personal life.

- You`ve worked with your wife Robin. How does it affect you?

- My wife is really very, very smart and very funny. She has zero sensitivity to my eccentricity, which, I believe, has paid off, my tolerance for eccentricity of my mother. My wife knows people. I call it a human engineer. With it, people are at ease, of course. You meet Robin and ten minutes later confess all their crimes. I`ve seen this happen (laughs). We traveled by bus, and suddenly someone cried because of my wife`s shoulder: "I once robbed a bank." She understands people. We`ll be somewhere, and I`ll say about someone: "My God, she hates me," Robin And I say, "She does not hate you, go and wish her a happy birthday." And what am I? I will go and congratulate and hear in response: "Oh, thank you, I thought I have no one to congratulate on his birthday." Robin just know at some level, the path to the heart.

- You and Robin different faiths. This way?

- I am a Canadian Protestant English origin. My wife - an American Jewish Russian-Polish origin. For us, it was clear that, despite the different roots, we must have identical values ??of life. Surprisingly, we are similar. However, we are far from the policy ...

- What are your ideas on the next project?

- It`s great that you have said "project", because I always say, and all laugh at me. I say: "Sorry, I`m not working on a project I`m working on the process.". (He`s laughing). ...I dont know. I want to take a vacation. I think Robin and I will go to Canada to see the game, "Toronto". I want to go, because for the first time since 1967, they have a real chance to win the Stanley Cup. Then life will score the key again. All my ideas are now on leave. I think that`s exactly what I`m gonna do. My thoughts now, forgive me (smiles), the planes at the airport, and wait until some of them will land.

- What are your hopes for the new millennium?

- I wish that people have become more stupid. I think that stupidity is very important. People need to feel better. This is a big step that will solve all the remaining 100 steps, I think.

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