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Drawing on the coffee - latte or cappuccino - a fairly common fun bartenders; you can create a rather nice patterns skillfully maneuvering even a cup of coffee under the nozzle of the machine - and only armed with special nozzles, a barista gets the possibilities are virtually unlimited. Most often, however, the picture from the masters of coffee drawing obtained relatively simple - silhouettes of animals, simple symbols or short phrases.

New York`s Master Barista Mike Breach did not want to settle for the usual set of drawings - on his coffee, he draws the most that neither is true portraits. The difficulty to get the picture just fascinates - not everyone is able to portray such a detailed portrait on paper, but as a complex and capricious canvas as coffee and do not have to dream about such.

Unusual activity Mike Breach invented themselves from boredom; in it for fun last year, I decided to find out for how complex portrait he could muster. The result is pretty surprised and very Breach; Customers also immediately got excited. Rumors about a talented barista quickly scattered throughout the area; Breach with time, new, dovolnoizvestnye customers. Many celebrities happy to taste the coffee highly artistic Mike Breach; enumerate a list of VIP-clients, Mike can be long; Suffice it to say that one of his guests began itself Chelsea Clinton (Chelsea Clinton).

Of course, creating such detailed images require a lot of effort and time. I started by Mike, like many of his colleagues, with simple drawings and patterns; as a brush master used a special bamboo pin. Gradually Breach brought skill with a brush to perfection. Now, instead of hearts and butterflies Mike draws a person of William Shakespeare (William Shakespeare) and Che Guevara (Che Guevara), Jim Morrison (Jim Morrison), Halle Berry (Halle Berry), and many other real and fictional celebrities.

The main problem of work Mike Breach is their blatant fragility - portrait of a little able to hold out for more than three minutes; Unfortunately, the coffee itself and during that time some time to cool down. Customers, however, do not complain - the coffee they may drink and elsewhere, but admire such a spectacular design it is possible only in an institution, where Mike works Breach.

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