Mihail Zveryakov

Picture of Mihail Zveryakov

Date of Birth: 04/01/1952

Age: 64

Place of birth: a. Sofiyivka

Citizenship: Ukraine


Mikhail Zveryakov born January 4, 1952 in the village of Sofiyivka Nikolaev region Odessa region, Ukrainian SSR. He graduated from Odessa College and neftevoy gas industry (1971), worked in Evpatorian neftevoy base. In the 1971-1975 period. sudent credit-economic faculty of the Odessa Institute of National hazyaystva, from which he graduated with honors. In 1975 he enrolled in graduate school at the Department of Political Economy, examined the scientific problem of reducing turnover costs. In 1976-1977 gg. He served in the Soviet Army.

In June 1980 MI Zveryakov defended his thesis for the scientific degree of candidate of economic sciences. In June 1985 he was awarded the academic title of associate professor of political economy. In 1980-1988 gg. He worked as an assistant, associate professor of political economy.

Since 1988, MI Zveryakov - vice-rector for international relations and educational work with foreign students. In 1992-1995. doctoral doctoral institution. During his doctoral studies in the period of teaching activities he deliberately engaged in research work, prepared and opublikoval48 scientific and methodical works. From 1994-1996,. - Scientific work from the foundation Alexander von Humboldt at the University of Cologne (Germany). In 1996 he defended his doctoral dissertation and received the degree of Doctor of Economic Sciences in 1997

From 1997 to work in November 1998 the head of department of the bank "Ukraine", and since November 1998 - the first deputy director of the bank "Ukraine" in Odessa region since 2000 - Rector of the University, in the same year was awarded the title of professor of the department of general economic theory. Zveryakov MI - Academician of the Academy of Higher School Sciences of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Economic Cybernetics of Ukraine, Chairman of Rectors Council Commission for the Development of Higher Education of the Odessa region. Main research areas related to issues: the methodology and theory of economic systems in the conditions of market transformation; study of the institutional framework in the economies in transition. During the years of scientific work published more than 75 papers.

On September 1, 2003 Mikhail Ivanovich Zveryakov was selected on a competitive basis and approved as the head of the department of general economic theory.