Mihail Vladislavlev

Picture of Mihail Vladislavlev

Date of Birth: 09/11/1840

Age: 49

Birthplace: Novgorod province

Citizenship: Russia


Born on November 9, 1840 in the province of Novgorod. He studied at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. In 1862-1864 he continued his education in Germany, he attended lectures K.F., R.Lottse. In 1866 he defended his master`s thesis University of St. Petersburg Modern trends in the science of the soul and became an assistant professor of the University, headed the Department of Philosophy at the historical-philological faculty. In 1868 he defended his doctoral thesis philosophy of Plotinus, the founder novoplatonovskoy school. The university Vladislavlev lectured on the history of philosophy, logic, psychology, ethics, metaphysics. One of his students was A.I.Vvedensky. Since 1885 Vladislavlev - Dean of History and Philology, 1887 - rektorPeterburgskogo University. Historical and philosophical interest in Platonism coincided with the general philosophical mentality Vladislavlev, who in his literary and teaching activities sought to follow the tradition of the "objective" of the Platonic metaphysics type and consistently rejected as different versions of subjectivism in philosophy, the same "psevdometafizicheskie" claims materialistic doctrines. Vladislavlev translated Kant`s Critique of Pure Reason (1867). Some of his work was devoted to the problems of logic and psychology. Vladislavlev logic - the most thorough guide to the theory and history of logic in the Russian scientific literature of the 19th century.

Vladislavlev Died in St. Petersburg April 24, 1890.