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Date of Birth: 04/29/1967

Age: 49

Citizenship: Russia


Working in the theater

Michael Vasserbaum graduated in 1991 LGITMiK (class of Professor A. Katzman Filshtinsky and VM). His graduation was Yusov role in "plum" Benjamin Filshtinsky. Even then, critics have a strong, smart game of the young actor.

After graduation he worked at the Theatre on Foundry. In December 1991, the premiere of "farce", delivered by B. Kramer and gave its name to the theater.

The play was staged in the spirit of medieval French farce, not involving deep psychological development images: the viewer is laughing at ugliness, stupidity characters. However, the principle of "carnal comedy" assumed knowledge about the reverse side of this "pure" genre - a well-known actor intellectualism. All this Michael Vasserbaum showed, very clearly - in the first two farces.

You wonder how this tall, broad-actor has decreased almost three times: a brown robe to the floor, a shapeless brown cap also made the figure of the husband (the first story "farce") flattened, almost square. Face your actor before going dipped in a bowl with the flour, and the ancient theater reception gave the "hero" look old, flabby, and powder, flying away when talking to all sides, reminiscent of senile sand.

Apotheosis reception "carnal comedy" reaches the second farce. Michael Vasserbaum played the role of Gout. Imagine a guardian angel, suffering from a runny nose and has a strange habit of twisting arms to his ward - such Gout M. Vasserbaum.

Starting from the three characters, including gout, Vasserbaum busy in all performances of the theater "a farce". Dr. mask (from the play "Woyzeck" in the theater of the Leningrad City Council), successfully combined with fierce Spaniard Don Balthazar from "Vohlyaki of Golloplekov" Sergei and nephew of the acclaimed productions of Victor Kramer`s "The Village of Stepanchikovo".

In April 1999, the actors of the Theatre "farce" and Igor Kopylov Mikhail Vasserbaum became laureates of the Second International Festival "Monocle", an international festival center.

Work in the movie

In the movie, Michael Vasserbaum long time has not been claimed. Rare roles, among which was the principal in the crime comedy "The story of Richard, Milord and beautiful firebird", remained unnoticed.

In 2002 Vasserbaum played the brightest of his supporting roles - Brand in the acclaimed drama "Oligarch".


1991 Chekist

1994 To whom God would send

1997 The story of Richard, Milord and beautiful firebird

1998 American

1998 Waiting Room - series

1998 Streets of broken lamps. Dancing on Ice

2000 Secrets of the investigation - series

2000 Destructive Power - 2 Double intoxication

2002 Oligarch

2002 Special Forces

2002 Thumbsucker

2002 Happy New Year

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