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In 1982 he graduated from the Law Faculty of the Moscow State University.

Key biographies

The customs authorities since 1982. He began service in Sheremetyevo customs office as an inspector, and then worked as head of department, deputy head of customs.

1991 - 1992:. - Chief Adviser of Treaty and Legal Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR.

Since 1992 - in the central apparatus of the State Customs Committee. He headed the Office of the fight against smuggling and violations of customs rules.

In spring 1998, the then head of the State Customs Committee Valery Draganov took Vanina from office and sent him to the reserve. The reason - the published cases of corruption in the management of Vanina.

In November 1998 he was appointed representative of the Russian Customs Service of Kyrgyzstan.

From April to May 1999 - Head of the State Customs Committee of the Customs inspection.

In May 1999 he was appointed chairman of the State Customs Committee of Russia.

In the spring of 2000 and in 2001 was elected chairman of the Council of heads of customs services of CIS member states.

Activities positions

Vanina inherited a difficult legacy: in April and May 1999, Customs collected only 75% of the plan. The new chairman behaved harshly. In early June he had gathered for a meeting of all the heads of customs administrations and brought to each scheduled task, by month until the end of the year. In total, the Ministry of Finance came out deflated plan for the year - 209 billion rubles. Then, these tasks were introduced special order "On bringing the control tasks." For those who can not cope, Mikhail Vanin threatened with dismissal. Customs officers obeyed. They well remembered that during the work the head of the Anti-smuggling Mikhail Vanin has not only caught the hand of customs brokers, but sometimes planted and customs officers themselves. ( "Kommersant", 2001)

During the leadership of SCC Mikhail Vanin achieved unprecedented results. Overfulfilled plan monthly. After 2.5 years after the appointment of Vanina Customs brings the budget almost as much money as brought before the crisis of 1998 - despite the fact that the import figures yet far behind the pre-crisis.

With his supply held a law by which citizens are going abroad without any supporting documents, they can take with them is not 500, and $ 1,500.

In fact, "restoring order" in the field of customs clearance of vehicles was one of the most high-profile public promises, from which Mikhail Vanin began his work at the post of the chief of the State Customs Committee in summer 1999. And to his credit, it`s a job he took very consistent. In September 1999, he signed a decree # 620 that rastamozhkavseh cars only on `Road` post will be carried out in Moscow and the region, which is part of the Moscow Western customs. This post is working on TSW "Ochakovo" - the most advanced site customs clearance of cars in Moscow, which contains absolutely all the structures associated with the car, up to the traffic police. ( "Kommersant", 2000)

Third-party evaluation, characteristics

Of course, Vanin is not a "Putin`s man": so happened historically that it plays in the other teams. Sooner or later, the customs officer personnel, perfectly fit into a group close to the Kremlin in 1998 sample business - 1999, will have to make a choice. Either leave or abandon "their", entered into a tough confrontation with the Kremlin or mimic beyond recognition, pursuing a policy of "strong hand", which tends to "force" the president`s entourage. (The "Company" magazine, 2000)

Vanin well fit into the government and quietly led entrusted Committee noted in the first interview that control the customs may only man "who knows the whole mechanism - an obvious and secret." Otherwise, "the power will come to an end here this reception", and "Customs will live their lives." Since Vanin knew more than anyone else, and then lead the committee it was much easier than two immediate predecessors. And the routine in the SCC tradition Vanin also began with dismissals, first peretryahnuv Moscow customs that the new head of the State Customs Committee, accused of failing to budget transfer payments when Bordyuzha. (The "Company" magazine, 2000)

Mikhail V. Vanin took up his duties very strongly. First, he changed the company car: moved from a relatively modest "Audi", put it on the table of ranks in a comfortable six hundredth the "Mercedes" (they do not recall the words of the unforgettable Pavel Grachev, who carefully explained the slow-witted journalists that it was the cars of this brand is best adapted to be placed in their cabin special communication cumbersome equipment). ( "Itogi" magazine, 1999)

Vanina, unlike other members of the government, is neither a man Berezovsky nor Stepashin man, nor even the person of the president. Vanin primarily representative of the old customs guard. ( "Kommersant", 1999)

Additional information

Hobbies - road races. "I`ve always been a sports bikes. And not so long ago acquired a miracle of technology in general, which he dreamed all his life - Colnago called. My mother is out of town. Only now time to ride are left ... "