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Date of Birth: 05/16/1944

Age: 54

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Honored Artist of Russia (1998)


Michael Urzhumtsev born in Leningrad in a family of actors hereditary. His grandmother Maria Filippov-Zaretsky and grandfather Arkady Castalian-Arbel served artists 2nd Moscow Art Theatre, and mother Nina Arkadevna Kastalskaya was an actress of the Pushkin Theater. Only Dad had to do with art - he was in the military. Unfortunately, Michael`s father died early ...

The boy grew up and was raised in a creative atmosphere. For twelve years, he starred in the first movie. And Misha Urzhumtsev debut could well Wolken major role in the famous children`s film directed by Gennady Kazansky "The Old Man Hottabych." However, as a result of the samples confirmed the other boy. A ph samples for the film "Girl and the Crocodile" were more successful: Misha was ridiculously small role of a boy who enthusiastically read "Munchausen".

His universities

Despite the actor`s roots and the early experience in the movie, enter a theater high school Urzhumtsev Michael did not want to. Only under persistent pressure from mom, he agreed to choose an acting career. In 1963, a young man filed papers at the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (LGITMiK). Passing the entrance exams round by round, he surprised himself, felt a true excitement and enrolling experienced satisfaction.

Learn Urzhumtseva Michael happened on the course Zinovy ??Yakovlevich Karagodskogo. The secrets he learned acting with genuine interest, parallel to sharing their knowledge with the students (Michael led the drama club at school). Graduated LGITMiK Michael in 1967. The young man recognized as the best course student, noting its merits medal.

Start a career

After graduation Michael Urzhumtsev went to work at the radio station "The Leningrad wave". At the same time aspiring actor played his first "adult" movie role: it drew the attention of the director Gennady shelves, which became famous after the movie "The Republic SHKID", and was invited to play the role of a French soldier in the drama "Intervention". This work laid the foundation for long-term friendship between the actor and the director.


In 1968, a former classmate of Mikhail Mikhail Tsarev Urzhumtseva invited him to Murmansk, in the Theater of the Northern Fleet. The scene of the theater Urzhumtsev gave two years, playing a lot of bright and diverse roles. That only cost the brilliant role of Schweik! Also in Murmansk, he met with St. Oei future wife Zoe Shuranova, which happened, by the way, also Leningrader.

Careers in the Theatre of the Northern Fleet have successfully evolved, but the heart and soul of the actor belonged to the northern capital, where they remained mother, grandmother, brother, but with some time and a pregnant wife. Finally, in 1970, Michael decided to return to Leningrad, and a year later he was accepted into the troupe of. Lenin Komsomol (now - theater "Baltic House").

The first great success of the young actor in the new place was the musical performance "Where is Charlie?", Where Michael Urzhumtsev perfectly executed a series of rooms with dressing. Then were Dobchinsky in the "Inspector" Frederick in the play "As You Like It", the Duke in "Plague on both your houses" in Kashchei "Vasilisa the Beautiful" and many other roles. In Theater. Lenin Komsomol actor spent the rest of his days ...


The movie starred Michael Urzhumtsev not so often, but in some filmmakers! In Vladimir Motyl, he played in the comedy "The incredible bet or a true incident, successfully completed a hundred years ago" (violinist Khalyavkin) and in the drama "There was Shishlov" (Carriers), Gennady shelves - in the drama "Three percent of risk" ( Vladimir Ya) and a detective comedy "was there Carotene?" (George Verman).

In the role of Johannes Hertz in the film Gennady shelves "Return of the Battleship" (based on the novel by Alexei Kapler) claimed: Michael Urzhumtsev, Viktor Rakov, Boris Novikov and a number of other actors. The director decided to opt for his old acquaintance and not a mistake. This tragic role was the best in the biography Urzhumtseva, and the film - the best in Poloka work. The picture, taken in the cheap popular style, different from the sparkling Odessa humor in the spirit of Babel`s stories. And what a brilliant cast was picked! Company Michael Urzhumtseva made famous: Mayorov Elena, Ivan Bortnik, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, Tatyana Vasilyeva, George Calm, Igor Kvasha and others.


With his wife Zoe Shuranova Michael Urzhumtsev lived all his life. They had a daughter and three sons.

Recent years

In 1996, Mikhail Urzhumtseva tragedy struck. Returning late at night with the play, he caught the eye of police. Valorous "law enforcement officers" beat up the actor. Bili skillfully, professionally: mainly in the kidneys. It later said ...

Two years later, in June 1998, Mikhail Vasilyevich during rehearsal of the play "The Miserly Knight" fell and broke a rib. It seemed at first - do not worry. Urzhumtsev month later received the title of "Honored Artist of Russia" and said that you can now die in peace. The words proved prophetic. Broken rib provoked a terrible disease, and in November of the same year the actor was pronounced kidney cancer.

The last two months Mikhail barely walk ... 19 January 1999 "Russia" channel showed the first two parts of the film "Return of the Battleship." Friends and colleagues called the actor, congratulated him, and he felt a surge of strength and vigor, and believed that the disease has receded. He even planned: if the disease win, then January 30 gave a banquet. But the next day came a sharp deterioration, and the actor fell into a coma. January 21, 1999 he died. Mikhail Vasilievich was buried in St. Petersburg at the cemetery "In memory of the victims of January 9".


1956 Girl and crocodile

1968 Intervention

1972 Prince and the Pauper

1984 incredible bet or a true incident, finished well a hundred years ago

1984 Three percent risk

1987 There was Shishlov

1987 Petrograd Gavroche

1989 Was there Carotene?

1993 Curse of the Durand

1996 The Return of "Battleship" (Belarus-Russia)

Boldin Autumn 1999 - Short

Author: Igor BIN

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