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Date of Birth: 01/12/1903

Age: 83

Place of birth: Tver

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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People`s Artist of the USSR (1949)

Winner of the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1947, for the play "For those who are in the sea!")

Winner of USSR State Prize (1969)

Hero of Socialist Labor (1973)

Thrice Chevalier of the Order of Lenin

Double Officer of the Order of the Red Banner


Mikhail Tsarev was born in Tver. His father Ivan Tsarev Izotovich worked railway paramedic, and mother Maria Petrovna engaged in farming and raising children - Mikhail had two older brothers and a sister.

Michael was not yet five years old, when the whole family moved to Revel. Here and spent his childhood. From an early age he grew no techie, and humanist. The boy liked to read, he liked the lessons of the Russian language, foreign language, history, geography. After high school, Michael has decided to link their fate with the theater.


Acting education Mikhail Tsarev was in the School of Russian Drama in Petrograd, where in 1919-1921 he studied at the St. George Yuri Mikhailovich. Even as a student, in 1920, Michael joined the Bolshoi Drama Theater.

In the years 1924-1926, Mikhail Tsarev worked in Moscow, playing in a former theater Korsch. In the years 1926-1931 he performed at the theater scenes of Makhachkala, Kazan and Simferopol, and in 1931 he moved to Leningrad, where he was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad Academic Drama Theater.

In the years 1934-1937, Mikhail Tsarev worked at Vsevolod Meyerhold in the theater named after him (the State Meyerhold Theatre). In the late 30`s began the persecution of the great master, the theater was closed, and Mikhail Tsarev with a group of other actors joined the troupe of the Maly Theater.

Mikhail Tsarev as TsatskogoV Maly Theater Mikhail Ivanovich worked until 1963, first an actor, and since 1950 - director. It is here revealed the talent of this interesting actor, who embodied in his characters courage, strength, sincerity and beauty of a real man. The best of his work was staged Chatsky "Woe from Wit" Griboyedov. This role has he played at the Meyerhold, and then here - at the Maly Theater for many years. Experts noted that the best performer Chatsky existed in the Soviet theater. With age (in the 60s) Mikhail Tsarev, passed in the play "Woe from Wit" on a different role - Famusov, which served as great.

Wonderful characters were created by an actor in the plays: "Optimistic Tragedy" Vishnevsky (Leader), "The Old Man" by Maxim Gorky (The Old Man), "Recognition" Dangulov (Ilya Repin), "Pygmalion," Shaw (Higgins), "Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man "Ostrovsky (Glumov)," Ruy Blas "Hugo (Don Cesar de Bazan)," Before sunset "Hauptmann (Matthias Clausen)," The Lady of the Camellias "(Armand Duval) and others.

For many years, Mikhail Ivanovich taught at the Higher Theatre School (Institute) them. Shchepkin. Among his students: Vladimir Bogin ( "Fathers and Sons", "The Road to Calvary"), Sergei Zholobov ( "Kadetstvo", "The Kremlin cadets"), Evgenia Glushchenko ( "Zina-Zinulya", "first single") and other well-known cinema and theater actors.


Mikhail Tsarev in the film Island film SokrovischV Mikhail Tsarev was shot a little. In the 30s it was played a number of roles, one of the most successful was Dr. Livesey in the film by Vladimir Weinstock "Treasure Island" (based on the novel of Stevenson).

In the future, the cinema is a kind of reflection of the theater work actor. Mikhail Tsarev On the screen a lot of embodied images, they played at the Maly Theater. In 1952, he starred in the film adaptations of plays by Ostrovsky, "Woe from Wit" (of course, as Chatsky) and "Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man" (as Egor Dmitrievich Glumova) .In the 70 - 80 years, Mikhail Tsarev was raised a series of films, performances, where he also starred, "Woe from Wit" (Paul Afanasievich FAMUSOV), "A Profitable Post", "the Old Man", "Children Vanyushina". In addition, the actor has played roles in productions of Leonid Heifetz "King Lear" (King Lear) and "Conspiracy of Fiesco in Genoa" (Verina), the film-spectacle Leonid Varpakhovsky "Optimistic Tragedy" (Leader), and others.


1932 winners of the night

1932 First Squad

Overcast 1933

1936 Gobsek

1937 Treasure Island

1942 Front Concert

1952 Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man

1952 Woe from Wit

1956 Wings

1957 Pygmalion

1958 Poem of the Sea

1972 shines, but not warm - photoplay - director

1974 Old people - photoplay

1974 Old man - picture play - actor, director

1974 Before Sunset - photoplay

1974 House of Ostrovsky - photoplay

1976 Recognition - photoplay

1977 Optimistic Tragedy - photoplay

1977 Woe from Wit - picture play - actor, director

1980 Conspiracy Fiesco in Genoa - photoplay

1981 Profitable - picture play - actor, director

1982 King Lear - photoplay

1982 Children Vanyushina - picture play - actor, director

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