Mihail Krivoshapkin

Picture of Mihail Krivoshapkin

Date of Birth: 1825

Age: 75

Place of birth: Yeniseysk

Citizenship: Russia


Born in Yeniseysk. About parents MF Krivoshapkina not known. Uchisya in Kazan, where in 1854 he graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University. We also know that in 1855 Krivoshapkin graduated from the Medico-Surgical Academy. He served as a doctor in the first district Yenisei district, then - c 1860 - operator (surgeon) Yenisei medical board. According to its debt service MF Krivoshapkin often in the vicinity of Yeniseisk, he went to fight against epidemics in the Turukhansk region. On its own funds and arranged Krivoshapkin contained within nakolko s city hospital Yeniseisk. After working for some time in the office of the surgeon, he moved for health reasons in Kazan.

Activities Krivoshapkana Yeniseysk is extremely diverse in nature: wherever found himself a young doctor, he onuspeval collect materials for their scientific works. Day after day and year after year, conducts meteorological observations, making a record of temperature fluctuations, wind direction, the state of the ice cover in the Yenisei area.

Of particular interest are at Krivoshapkina severoeniseyskie gold mines: methods for washing gold-bearing sand, working and living conditions of miners. (See also Gold Rush in Siberia.) Workbooks doctor filled with observations of the terrain, the data on the chemical composition of lakes and rivers, there are written texts of folk songs and traditions - all that can be geographic, medical or historical and cultural interest.

In 1856, on the advice of the young district doctor Krivoshapkina drained the marshes in Yeniseisk, which greatly improved the sanitary condition of the city. He examined one of the keys to the city to find water sulphate of iron oxide. Bathing in this way proved to be useful for people suffering from skin and nervous diseases.

In his spare time, medical practice MF Krivoshapkin writes medical, statistical and ethnographic articles that are published in "Irkutsk Provincial Gazette", including the article "Yenisei district in respect of natural health" and "Treatise on gunshot wounds," published then separately (Wiley, 1858). These works were seen by specialists, of them wrote, "Moscow medical newspaper." In 1863 Krivoshapkin defended his doctoral thesis at the University of Kazan: "On ekrazirovanii in general and the use of it and so on."

The first large private ethnographic essay MF Krivoshapkina, which is based on recordings made in 1857 in the Turukhansk region - "Yenisei district and his life" - was published in 1863 in "Notes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Geographical Society" ( v. 6) and then reprinted in St. Petersburg Imperial Geographical society with donations industrialist VA Kokoreva [1]. The publication is dedicated to "His Excellency Count Nikolai Nikolaevich Muraviev-Amur in memory of his concerns about the study of Eastern Siberia and in the sign of deep respect."

This dvuhomnik dedicated to the material and spiritual culture "Ostyaks, Tungus and other natives of the Yenisei district," brought glory to the All-Russian Krivoshapkin his lifetime [2]. In 1866, the author of "Yenisei district ..." was awarded a small gold medal of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society.