Mihail Kozakov

Picture of Mihail Kozakov

Date of Birth: 10/14/1934

Age: 80

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Born October 14, 1934 in Leningrad. Father - Mikhail Kazakov Emmanuilovich (1897-1954). Mother - Zoya Nikitina (1902-1973). Children: Catherine (1957 born.), Cyril (1963 born.), Manana (1969 born.), Michael (1989 born.), Zoe (1996 born.). He has 5 grandchildren.

Mikhail Kazakov grew up in Leningrad family. His father was a well-known writer, mother worked in publishing houses - with two breaks to two arrests and two prison. The apartment Kozakov on Griboyedov Canal visited Eugene Schwartz, Michael Zoshchenko, Anatoly Marienhof, Boris Eichenbaum, Anna Akhmatova and many other literary celebrities. Misha was an ordinary boy, engaged in the same business, and that of his peers. Spiritual connection with great people woke up to it later when you need support for a mature self-determination.

Biography of Mikhail Kozakov - a bright ambitious life. He took a very special, strongly its place in cinema, theater, television, chtetskom in fact - in the domestic arts as a whole. As an actor, he has consistently worked in the theater named after Vladimir Mayakovsky (1956-1959), in "Contemporary" (1959-1970), the Moscow Art Theatre (1971-1972), at the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya Street (1972-1981) and later, after the break, in "Lenkom" (1986).

In recognition of Mikhail Kozakov, he left when considered necessary. He left, having learned something from their main teachers. He had three of them - N.Ohlopkov, O.Efremov and Efros. And each, he studied directing. Okhlopkov little I rehearsed with the young actor, but after communicating with him Kozakov learned that such musicality, staging plasticity.

It was the most important teacher - Oleg Efremov, who was one of his teachers at the Moscow Art Theater Studio School, the artistic director of "Contemporary", where he worked as the Cossacks. When later Kozakov left the Moscow Art Theatre in 1971, then I asked, ON Ephraim, who headed the Moscow Art Theater, where to go: back to the "Contemporary" or Minor reservation? Efremov said: "If you want to engage in construction - come back in the" Contemporary ". Do you want to work with a good director - go to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya ".

Mikhail Kazakov went to Efros at the Malaya Bronnaya. With him work was not easy, but the method of Efros Kozakov enriched as an actor and director.

The first of the decisive actions of Mikhail Kozakov - rejection of receipt of the Moscow Art Theatre School after coming to the studio and "formalist" Okhlopkov. The year 1956 was extremely happy in the life of Mikhail Kazakov: summer came the picture of Mikhail Romm`s "Murder on Dante Street", where the actor played a major role, and in the autumn of the same year - the role of Hamlet in a remarkable performance ohlopkovskom.

Shakespeare in the creative life of Mikhail Kozakov occupies a special place. In 1986, he played Polonius in the Panfilov "Hamlet" at Lenin Komsomol Theater, later, in the late 1990s, his father`s shadow in the same "Hamlet" by German director Peter Stein. Kozakov jokes: "In" Hamlet "I have left to play only the skull of Yorick." The actor starred in the movie "The Comedy of Errors" by Shakespeare and played the role of Shylock in "The Merchant of Venice" at the Theater Mossovet, and now rehearsing "King Lear."

In the 1960s, the undoubted successes in the theatrical career of Mikhail Kozakov became Cyrano de Bergerac ( "Cyrano de Bergerac" by E. Rostand, directed by Oleg Efremov, 1964), vividly played them in the performance of "Sovremennik" theater; before - Chamberlain of the tale E. Schwartz`s "Naked King" - the play that brought the triumph of the theater in 1960, and then became a legend; Kistochkin comedy Aksenova "Always on sale" (director O. Efremov, 1965), a vivid type of the intellectual reincarnation-1960s, making a career, charming cynic who has everything on sale.

On the stage of "Contemporary" Mikhail Kozakov played several roles in productions of Galina Volchek: Aduev Sr. in "An Ordinary Story" by I. Goncharov (1966, USSR State Prize), Gerry Ryan in "Two for the Seesaw" W. Ibsen, actor in a play M. Gorky`s "The Lower Depths", and Nicholas I in the "Decembrists" L. Zorina (director O. Efremov), master Zivko in the "master" R. Stoyanov (Bulgarian director V. Tsankov) and others.

In 1970, Mikhail Kazakov out of "Contemporary". A year after he left the theater and its founder - Oleg Efremov. Drawn by the trust and love for Ephraim, the Moscow Art Theatre and then comes and Cossacks. There they played Lord Goring in "Perfect Husband" by O. Wilde (director VJ Stanitsyn), Gusev drop in the play "Valentin and Valentina" Roshchina (director O. Efremov). In the Moscow Art Theater Kozakov begins to put the play by Leonid Zorin "Copper grandmother", where the role of AS Pushkin rehearsed R. Bykov. The play closed, and Kazakov goes to the Malaya Bronnaya Theater to A. Dunayev and A. Efros. Here Mikhail Kozakov played several roles. Don Juan ( "Don Giovanni" by Jean-Baptiste Moliere, 1973), Kochkarev ( "Marriage" by Nikolai Gogol, 1975) and Rakitin ( "Month in the Country" Turgenev, 1978) in the production of A . Efros were among his best roles. There, on Malaya Bronnaya, Kozakov puts two performances: comedy L. Zorina "Pokrovsky Gates" and the play Yu O`Neill`s "Soul of a poet."

In the movie, Mikhail Kozakov debut, as has been said, in the film by Mikhail Romm "Murder on Dante Street" (the role of Charles Thibault). The debut was not just good, but we can say for the time stunning. On Kozakov fallen glory. Evidence of a contemporary: "... There have been funny spring. Once I was in the evening, then a medical student, sauntered with a friend on the Nevsky, the mood was excellent, carefree, we walked, looking at passers-by, shop windows ... Suddenly - alarm! The views of all the walking, as if on command, rushed forward, a swell of excitement ran through the crowd of pedestrians: going towards itself "Murder on Dante Street"! It was Mikhail Kazakov himself, a tall, dark-haired, handsome, dressed just like his character in the film. He was followed by a large retinue ... I will never forget it truly royal gesture, when a critical glance at his retinue, Michael, going to a nearby sandwich shop and inviting all of us, all ordered a glass of port. " ( "Well, let`s not on a glass and a glass - jealously has reviewed Kozakov the memory of the eminent writer, and in that time beginner Vasily Aksenov.)

The actor began actively removed in bright Distinguishing roles, with films of various genres. But even if Mikhail Kozakov played only one role in the film "Hello, I your aunt!" (1975), then this would have legalized his name in the film industry. Among his other notable works - Pedro Zurita in the film adaptation of the novel A. Belyaeva "Amphibian Man" (1961), Silvio in Pushkin`s "The Shot" (1966), Jack Burden in a 3-part film based on the novel by Robert Penn Warren`s "All the King`s Men "(1971). Comic talent of the artist is most clearly manifested in the films "Straw Hat" by Leonid Kvinikhidze (1974), "The Comedy of Errors" by Vadim Gauznera (1978), a farce, "The Lion Gurych Sinichkin" (directed by A. Belinsky, 1974). Of the latter, it should be noted roles roles in the films "Mr. designer" (directed Teptsov), "Giselle`s Mania" (directed by A. Teacher), "Avalanche" (directed by Solov`ev).

In general, the filmography of actor Kozakov enormous. We can remember three times to play the role of Felix Dzerzhinsky (State Prize of the RSFSR), "Eighteenth Year" (1958), "Hard luck" (1958), "Golden echelon" (1959), "Far from the Motherland" (1960), "Eugenie Grandet" (1960), "The Last volleys" (1960), "Baltic sky" (1960-1961), "Nine days in one year" (1961), "The Court of crazy" (1961), "Building a bridge" (1965), "The day sun and rain "(1967)," The Red and the White "(1967)," The Story of a security officer "(1969)," Two days Wonderland "(1970)," The Grandmaster "(1972)," Acting "(1973) "Car, violin and Blot the dog" (1974), "Ivan da Marya" (1975), "Jaroslaw Dabrowski" (1975), "handsome man" (1978), "and I`m with you again ..." (1981) "Combine-2" (1981), "Comrade Innocent" (1981), "Six" (1981), "Demidov" (1983), "Cucaracha" (1983), "Unicum" (1983), "Paperback Hero "(1984)," The incredible bet or true incident ended successfully "(1984)," warrior "(1986)," Keep me, my talisman "(1986)," Fools die on Fridays "(1990)," The master and Margarita "(1994)," The Fatal eggs "(1995)," Dinner four hands "(1999)," Homage "(1999)," Twenty-four hours "(2000)," Game Art Nouveau "(2002) "Wonderful valley" (2004) and others.

The theater and cinema in his best roles Mikhail Kazakov was revealed as an artist unusual, absolutely Russian, with the age-old desire to get to the very essence, turn his existence in search of its meaning and thus doom themselves and loved ones on the drudgery and loneliness, painfully separating grain from the chaff, evil - from the good, sin - by deeds ...

In 1978, Mikhail Kazakov made his debut as a film director, putting on a two-part television film "Nameless Star", created based on the play by Mikhail Sebastian. The painting, in which the Cossacks also brilliantly played a major role, together with Anastasia and Igor Vertinskaya Kostolevsky became undoubted success, good luck without condescending reservations and discounts for lack of experience. It began a new Cossacks with "Nameless Star" - a filmmaker who clearly has something to say, which defined its place, defined his style. When will - "Pokrovsky Gates" (1982), "the Trustees" for the AN Ostrovsky (1983), "Masquerade" by M. Lermontov (1985), "Faust" by Goethe, J. (1986), "And the light shines in the darkness" LN Tolstoy (1989), "And it happened in Vichy" by A. Miller (1989), "The visit of Spades" by F. Durrenmatt (1989) and the musical "The shadow, or maybe all right" (1991), the television version of the play "Possible meeting "of Handel and Bach" Dinner four hands ", for which M. Kazakov was Taffy award, the drama" Homage "(1999). In 2004, Mikhail Kazakov made the film "Copper grandmother," based on the play by Leonid Zorin. But before were television productions, where the directorial talent lodged itself a distinct symbol ( "Blow the horn" to Sastre A. O. Dahl starring "Night of error" (in Goldsmith), and others.

Cult TV movie Kozakov "Pokrovsky Gates" (1982), based on the play by Leonid Zorin still enjoys the love of spectators. "Pokrovsky Gates" - the film funny, lyrical, elegiac, eccentric and certainly so far from the kind of art, called satire that is surprising how difficult it penetrated the film on the TV screen, and what words he welcomed the then authorities.

Hot on the heels of the M. Kazakov wrote these words, made him master of the then TV SG Lapin: "He saw the film and on the phone scolded me for half an hour:" Such pictures make only people who fled to Tel Aviv or America! Zorin You can not say: "Down with the red Kremlin" - and make these pictures! This is disgusting! I looked this abomination: You perverted image of a war veteran! (Meaning dear Sawa performed Viti Bortsova.) It`s terrifying banality ... "

When teleboss terribly flattered Kozakov, comparing with "some Zoshchenko" apparently hooked it, say such phrases-reprise, which feared for the fate of the authors of the film - like "Fight for the rights of man ... and man." Or maxim: "bestow against the will can not. I`m telling you as a historian. " Paradoxically, the harder film Kozakov makes you laugh and makes fun, the more serious and, moreover, appears before the audience sad world of his characters. Victor Fighters, Elena Korenev, Sophia Pilyavskaya Inna Ulyanov, Igor Dmitriev, Tatyana Dogileva Elizabeth Nikischihina Marina Dyuzheva Leonid Armour and of course in the first place, Oleg Menshikov - all the performers, playing each his own, clever and sad by the will of the director played, depicted the whole namely simpletons society, what is the reason for this is very nice, but that - for it is - real hard sorry. That simplicity director Kazakov saw in the era of the late 1950s, its people, who did not were unsophisticated in their "thaw" hopes?

In the years of perestroika, Mikhail Kazakov left Russia. I think that good, but ... successfully implemented in Tel Aviv State Chamber Theatre as an actor and director (role of Trigorin in Chekhov`s "The Seagull" in Hebrew, posing and playing "Lover" by Harold Pinter in Hebrew, and others.), Michael M. chose to return to Moscow, but just go abroad. "I have no regrets of any drops that I was in Israel, have lived in this country of four and a half years, nor that he returned to his homeland. Most do not want to leave. I always wanted to live in Russia and I hope to live here for the rest of his days. Even living in Tel Aviv, I have asked for death sent me to Russia. I want to be buried in his father`s tomb in Moscow Vvedensky cemetery. "

Back in Russia, he has created his own theater called "Russian entreprise Mikhail Kozakov". From theatrical works of his repertory can be distinguished performances of "laughing flower" N. Coward (1997) and "Play Strindberg Blues" by F. Durrenmatt (2000).

The many facets of the talent of Mikhail Kozakov clearly revealed and on the concert stage, where he reads poetry from Pushkin to Brodsky. Kazakov reads poetry on the stage, on the radio, on the TV, burn CDs. In 1999, the artist together with saxophonist I. Butman staged concert on poems Brodsky "Concerto for voice and saxophone."

In 1997 he published "The actor`s book" MM Kazakov, in which he talks about his past life, of different ages and people of art in them.

Mikhail Kazakov - Christian, he received baptism in 16 years in Leningrad. Now he does not stop working and, as far as possible, optimistic about the future.

Lives and works in Moscow.