Mihail Kohanov

Picture of Mihail Kohanov

Date of Birth: 06/22/1985

Age: 31

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

Theatrical experience in working on the show I did not interfere!

Author: Eugene Kudryats

Website: Celebrities

Michael, why did you decide to become an actor, what was the impetus for this?

- The actor has decided to become more school years. In the fifth grade I started in the school theatrical circle. I like to play there, and since then I decided after high school to enter the Theater Institute, and has until the end of high school, I did not change its decision. Moreover, in the 10th grade I went to drama school, which was paid to the preparation for entering the theater institute a lot of time.

You - the children`s theater actor. Theatre and Cinema, and especially TV series, have different specifics. Interferes whether the theatrical experience in films and on TV?

- The specificity of theater and cinema, of course, different, but the essence of the actor`s profession is the same. Theatrical experience in working on the show I did not interfere, even opposite - help: in the morning when I came to the set after the evening performance, then felt her much freer, more confident, "filling".

Recently, on the first channel over a demonstration of serial movie "The Circus Princess", where you play the role of Rustam (Rustica). How did you become a star in the project as the casting, there were a lot of applicants for this role?

- I called, was invited to audition. In casting was asked to read the text of the scene on camera. A few weeks later I was informed that I was approved for the role. Regarding the bidders - I do not know, but I`d like to think that there were many! (Smiles).

Rustic - lyrical hero, even somewhat reminiscent of Piero, as his love for Galina unrequited. As far as he is close to you in character?

- Some of the traits of my character inherent in me, in some way I am also romantic, but mostly we are different: rustic soft and patient character. In its place, I probably would have acted poreshitelnee and harder.

How was your relationship with peers?

- At the beginning of filming, I suddenly knew that I would work with her classmate - Artem Mazunova, performing the role of a clown FER. Relationships with colleagues established good, I was interested in working with the other actors. After the shooting, unfortunately, it is impossible to contact support team. Perhaps due to lack of time.

What was unusual about the work on the series for you?

- What was unusual was his debut in the series and know the peculiarities of its production, when in front of the actor delivered a requirement - to work quickly and efficiently, which is a daunting task.

Have you watched the finished material to the film`s release?

- I saw a few scenes that required overdubbed. After that, looking forward to the release of the series on the screen, because I was curious to know the opinion of their work from family and colleagues in the profession.

What for you was the most difficult on the set of this film?

- The most difficult was busy shooting schedule: sometimes had to be removed during the day and night. Although compared with the main characters I can not complain!

Do you have a some role or are you open to different roles? What role do you play in the theater?

- I`m open to different roles, it is interesting to try yourself in different roles. The theater play roles in children`s performances, and "Drama and Directing Center Kazantsev and Roshchin" go play "Cold Autumn" from the stories of Bunin, who are not children. Also, continue to play in the graduation play by Gorky`s "Children", that is involved in various performances.

What is important for your future career played a part in the film "The Circus Princess"?

- The series "The Circus Princess" - my debut on television, sometimes recognize me on the streets. shooting skills in a long series, the resulting experience, for me is very significant!