Mihail Ilin

Picture of Mihail Ilin

Date of Birth: 08/27/1948

Age: 68

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Born August 27, 1948 in Moscow. After graduating from high school in 1966, MV Ilyin joined the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology Faculty of Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow State University, majored in English literature history. Thesis has been devoted to the analysis of monographic art Sir John Suckling. After graduating in 1971 he continued his studies in the graduate school of the same faculty. The dissertation research has been devoted to the creative method of the last plays of William Shakespeare. It was considered a realistic ratio postrenessansnoy tradition with creative methods of classicism and baroque, as in the works of Shakespeare, and in the broader context of European literature of the XVII century. Ph.D. thesis was defended in 1976.

Prematurely leaving graduate school, in June 1974 joined the Central Committee of Komsomol unit, he became a member of the presidium of the Student Council of the USSR. In the years 1977-1982 he was in a long business trip in Prague (CSSR), where he worked as a Soviet representative in the editorial office of the magazine "World Student News" MCC led International Student Research Center. After returning from a trip in 1982-1983 he became the scientific adviser of the Committee of Youth Organizations of the USSR. During these years, I began to study the student movement, a variety of forms of organization of civic initiatives in different countries, their comparison and typology. This line of research institutions of civil society and social movements became the basis of all its research activities.

Prodolzhid deal with this subject in the years 1983-1988, the period of work in the Soviet Peace Committee and head of the propaganda department orgmassovoy work, and then the common problems of the antiwar movement. This period is the participation in the activities of the Soviet Political Science Association, of which MV Ilyin was in 1982.

In the 80 years in the area of ??his scientific interests in addition to a comparative analysis of the structures of civil society appeared as a discourse analysis of the different types of policies, especially nuclear and anti-nuclear, anti-war and militarism, as well as a comparative analysis of relevant policies. Development of this problem allowed MV Ilyin initiate a number of international research initiatives related to Comparative study of social movements and political discourses, ideologies and cultures.

In 1988, MV Ilyin went to work in the Academy of Sciences. He worked first as a senior research fellow INION USSR Academy of Sciences and then deputy chief editor of "The working class and the modern world." The work of the Academy and in the journal MV Ilyin used to bring together the community of political scientists, was formed in the 70s and 80s in the institutes of the Academy of Sciences. Simultaneously MV Ilyin, starting from the analysis of political discourse, compared the different types of political mentality, analyzed the possibility of their synthesis.

During the 1990 MV Ilyin with the chief editor of "The working class and the modern world" IK Pantin prepared conversion magazine "Polis" ( "Political studies"). In 1991, MV Ilyin left the post of deputy chief of the "Policy" editor, remaining a member of the editorial board. In 1996 he headed the magazine, until the summer of 2001 he was the general director of the magazine, then - Chairman of the Board of Governors of Non-Profit Partnership "The editors of the magazine" Polis ".

In 1991-1994 MV Ilyin was Deputy Director of the Institute of Comparative Political Sciences, and then on the basis of combining alternately is a leading researcher ISPRAS, the Deputy Director, led one of the centers of the Institute. From January 1997 to the present time, he is a leading researcher at the Russian Academy of Sciences ICP.

Since 1991, the MV Ilyin teaches political science at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) MFA Russia initially in combination with the work of the Academy of Sciences, and since 1994 in the state as a professor of political science, comparative politics and then MGIMO. Since September 2002, the Acting Head of the Department of Moscow State Institute of Comparative Politics.

In the sphere of his scientific interests MV Ilyin moved from the comparative analysis of political mentalities and cultures to study the forms of political organization, in particular, to the construction of evolutionary morphology policy. This work served as the basis for the monograph "Essays hronopoliticheskoy typology" (M .: MGIMO, 1995) and for a doctoral dissertation defended at MGIMO in 1997. Analysis of the temporal aspects of the policy has been supplemented by spatial, allowing MV Ilyin implement a number of geopolitical studies, some of which have been published.

Implementation krosstemporalnyh and civilizational comparison study required (self-) names of political institutions and practices, and their daily, political and scientific conceptualization. This work led MV Ilyin developed the original version of a concept analysis, partly presented in the book "Words and Meanings. Experience description of the basic political concepts "(M .: ROSSPEN, 1997). Research MV Ilyin in the field of discourse analysis and the concept has received international recognition. In 1998, he became a founding member of the research network Conceptology. In 2000, MV Ilyin led virtual workshop Russian Conceptology.

In 1997, MV Ilyin was elected President of the Russian Political Science Association, appeared to them until February 2001, when RPMA Conference was elected honorary president RPMA.

It works on renewal and development of the theory of political modernization, to improve the methodology of structural functionalism and on the development of methodological bases of geopolitics. Combine such diverse research activity enables participation in international efforts to rethink how and the development of so-called conceptual map of Europe created by Stein Rokkanom and dissemination rokkanovskih principles of analysis to other geographical and civilizational world space.

Simultaneously MV Ilyin continues to work in the field of discourse and concept analysis, evolutionary morphology and methodology of comparative studies, it is actively involved in engaging in discussions on the status and prospects of national and world political science. The main area of ??research for it is the problem of political modernization and globalization, the development of models of formation of civil society and social self-organization as a whole.

Research interests

Comparative Political Science, analysis of political discourse (discourse analysis), kontseptny analysis; geohronopolitika, modernization and globalization. His major scientific achievements are:

development on the basis he created the concept of political temporality - time dimension) of theoretical and methodological foundations hronopolitiki as a discipline in the complex Political Science,

construction heuristic model hronopoliticheskogo development and evolutionary typology of political systems, as well as hronopoliticheskaya characteristic of Russian politics.

His works contain a program of development of a new scientific field: it outlined the problem field, the main directions of research hronopoliticheskih (hronoritmicheskaya organization hronofunktsionalno-themed and chronostructural analysis, alternative hronomodelirovanie, geohronopolitika), delivered major research problems. Their development, in the reasonable opinion of the author, will serve the development of a new scientific field.