Mihail Golovkin

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Citizenship: Russia


Mikhail Golovkin Gavrilovic (1699-10.11.1755), statesman, privy councilor (1739), Earl (1707). Son GI Golovkin. In 1712 he sent to Tsar Peter I study abroad. In the 20-ies. He performed a number of diplomatic assignments in 1722-1723 Acting Minister Plenipotentiary in Berlin. Together with his father made in 1730 in support of Anna Ivanovna. From 1730 Senator and Chief of the Office of the Board of coin and cash households (1731). However, without being appointed Cabinet minister 1olovkin considered himself offended and withdrawn from public affairs. In 1737 a member of the "general assembly" for the trial of DM Golitsyn. After the death of Empress Anna Ivanovna opposed EI Biron, but direct involvement in his overthrow did not take himself sick. During the reign of Anna Leopoldovna great influence. In 1740-1741 Cabinet Minister and Vice-Chancellor of the Interior, together with the Prince AM Cherkassky he directed the internal affairs of the state. He clashed with the HA Munnich and AI Osterman. Golovkin first advised Anna Leopoldovna declare itself the Empress. After the palace coup Elizabeth (25/11/1741), as trustee regent charged with treason and sentenced to death, commuted to exile in Yakutia. With him into exile was followed by his wife Katherine (1702- 20/05/1791) - daughter of Prince IF Romodanovsky, cousin of the Empress Anna Ivanovna - although Empress Elizabeth and invites her to stay at the court, retaining the title of Mistress. Golovkin died in exile, his body was reburied in 1767 and his wife in Moscow.