Mihail Bogdasarov

Picture of Mihail Bogdasarov

Date of Birth: 08/10/1960

Age: 56

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


The highest award of Moscow International Advertising Festival - "Green Apple".

On stage, Michael began performing at school.

In 1978, Michael entered the Bogdasarov auxiliary troupe studio on Krasnaya Presnya. And next year - GITIS on course LI Kasatkina - SN Kolosov.

The first role was the role of the Institute in the same product zamuhryshki Alberto Moravia. Graduation performances: "Dear Pamela or how to sew an old lady!" John Patrick in the adapted translation of Grigory Gorin (the main role - Solomon Bozo), a central number in the play was a dance number to the music of Simon Afrique ", Hough Nana"; "Midsummer Night`s Dream" (Women`s heroic role Thisbe).

After GITIS Bogdasarov came to the Puppet Theatre under the direction of Obraztsov. There he played the right stick in the play "The Princess and the Echo".

However, two months later, Michael broke down and left the theater. He returned to the theater-studio on Krasnaya Presnya, where he played Russian Count Ivan Turgenev in the play, "I will come to you."

A year had gone to the theater-studio "Sphere", where he played the entire current repertoire - a 35 performances a month, but the favorite was "Theatrical Novel" by Mikhail Bulgakov.

Then there was the Tabakov Theater, where there were many bit parts in performances of "Inspector", "chair", "Biloxi Blues". As aptly put Tabakov, Bogdasarov was "bright master of the episode - came out, flashed and disappeared." His last attempt to give the actor the episode - "sticking to his beard" in the next new play - Michael forced to slam the door.

After leaving Bogdasarov appeared in two theaters - Theatre Sergei Prokhanov Moon and theater-cabaret "Die Fledermaus" Gregory Gurvich, where the last 10 years actually doing musicals, and only by them ( "I steppe around Moscow," "Cabaret 100 years" "This is show business," "Grand illusion").

Michael often appeared in commercials ( "Twix", "Hershey-Cola", "out"; for that at the Moscow International Advertising Festival received the highest award - the "Green Apple".

In the movie, basically playing bit parts, including: One-eyed ( "Roads Firling Anna"), Sayid ( "Time of the Dancer") and others. On account of the actor more than seventy films.

In addition, Michael Bogdasarov appeared in newsreels "wick" and "Jumble". He took part in TV projects ( "Wow!", "Cabaret" All-Star "", "New Year`s cabaret on TNT."


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