Mihael Vladimirskiy

Picture of Mihael Vladimirskiy

Date of Birth: 02/20/1874

Age: 77

Citizenship: Russia


In the social-democratic movement since 1895. In 1896, for participation in the creation of the Moscow "Workers` Union" was arrested and deported to their homeland. In 1898-1899 member of MK RSDLP. He was sent to, and then moved to Germany. In 1903-05 a country doctor in Nizhny Novgorod; after the 2nd Party Congress (1903), a Bolshevik. In 1905, a member of MK RSDLP, the Moscow Soviet RD, a member of the December armed uprising in Moscow. In 1906, a member of the Moscow Regional Bureau of the RSDLP. Since 1907 in exile.

After the February Revolution of 1917 he returned (July) in Petrograd, sent RSDLP (b) in Moscow. Since July tsp. Executing, Bureau MK RSDLP (b). In September, one of the leaders of the preparation and conduct of elections in the Moscow regional Duma, the Bolsheviks were unsuccessful. In early October, when discussing Lenin`s "Letters to the CC, MC, PC and the Council of Petrograd and Moscow Bolsheviks" at a meeting of representatives of the Moscow Regional Bureau of the Moscow city and district committees of the RSDLP (b) on the issue of armed insurrection supported opinion GI Lomova-Oppokova, VN Yakovleva of the possibility to start the performance in Moscow.

October 25 elected a member of the Combat Center Party on Hand-woo armed uprising, was a member of Moscow. RMC and a member of the Presidium of the Mosk. lips. Council RD. October 26 Joint. with VP Nogin was involved in negotiations with the commander of the Moscow VO Colonel KM Ryabtsev. November 4 at the joint meeting of Moscow. mountains., env. to-ing and str. Bureau of the Party with the Bolshevik. Mosk fraction. RD Council opposed the proposal, IA Pyatnitskiy form in Moscow "Dem. Pr-in from all the social composition. Parties." November 5 meeting with the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries and Mensheviks internatsionapistami informed the participants about the decision of MK RSDLP (b) to establish the Soviet authorities. authorities, to-ryh Bolsheviks will be ensured predominance. The same day, Mosk. Military Revolutionary Committee adopted a resolution on dissolution of the City Council and has allocated 5 commissioners headed by Vladimirsky for conducting affairs of the mountains. government. November 6 elected chairman of the district of doom in Moscow and he was a member of the Council of the Bureau. Moscow City Council Presidium. on 9-10 December, the chairman of Moscow. lips. Congress of Soviets of the RNC with the participation of 10 farmers (of 13) counties; Congress supported the decision of Moscow. region. Conf. Bolsheviks to strengthen work among the peasants, re-election of local Councils of the CD and their merger with the Soviets of the RNC. March 4, 1918 at Mosk. mountains. desks. Conf. elected as a delegate to the 7th Congress of the RCP (b) (March 6-8) entered in the Central Committee. The delegate of the 4th Chrezv. Proc. Congress of Soviets, elected member. Central Executive Committee and its Presidium (14-16 March). In April, the newly elected member. Moscow City Council Presidium. The delegate of the 5th All-Russian. Congress of Soviets (July 1918); elected member. Central Executive Committee and its Presidium. Since 1919, at various state and party work.