Mihael Gvozdev

Picture of Mihael Gvozdev

Date of Birth: 1700

Age: 33

Citizenship: Russia


He studied at the School of Mathematical and Navigational Sciences in Moscow (1716-1719) and at the Naval Academy in St. Petersburg (1719-1721 and 1725-1727). In 1721-1725 he took part in the Shooting-kartosostavitelskih works and descriptions in the Novgorod district as part of the command of Major-General MJ Volkova. In 1727 he was appointed surveyor of the Far East expedition AF Shestakov - DI Pav-Lutsk, traveled from St. Petersburg-Moscow-Tobolsk-Yakutsk-Okhotsk. In the 1731-1732 survey conducted ryadya rivers of Kamchatka. In 1732 he was appointed commander of the Kamchatka expedition party DI Pavlutsky and the head of the voyage to the "mainland". On the bot "St. Gabriel" (Sailor K. Moshkov) Gvozdev sailed to the shores of northwestern America, the first European to reach the coast of Alaska in the vicinity of Cape Prince of Wales. Gvozdev determined coordinates and mapped about 300 km of coastline of the peninsula Seward described the Strait coast and islands lying in it. In October 1732 he returned to Nizhnekamchatsk jail. In July and November 1733 nail (with M. Speshnev) before the arrival of the new commander, managed, and then supervised the construction and consolidation of the Kamchatka forts. In 1735 on a false denunciation under escort sent to Tobolsk, where he was kept in custody until July 1738 when his innocence was established. In 1739 the board appointed surveyor port of Okhotsk; Shoot Okhotsk, in 1741 conducted research in the Sea of ??Okhotsk. Since July 1741 surveyor 2nd Kamchatka Expedition VI Bering. As part of the MP Detachment Shpanberg on dubel-boat "Nadezhda" examined Uda lip Shantarsky and the Kurile Islands. Described about 800 km of the western coast of the Sea of ??Okhotsk and the area of ??the eastern coast of Sakhalin Island. In July and August 1743 conducted geographical and hydrographic survey of the area Okhta River estuary - Malchikan river. In 1743 it was in 1732 navigation map bot "St. Gabriel" (in conjunction with X. and E. Yushin Rodichev). In 1744-1754 Admiralty surveyor of Tomsk garrison command, from 1754 cartographer Irkutsk provincial office. In 1755-1758 he conducted survey, description and compilation of maps and plans "of plow land and hay meadows" and Irkutsk province. In 1759 he retired with the rank of second lieutenant of Geodesy. The subsequent fate is unknown. In the name of Gvozdeva named islands in the Bering Strait.