Mihael Gorb

Picture of Mihael Gorb

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the 1st Zhytomyr school in 1914-1915. studied at the Petrograd psycho-neurological institute was transferred to the Medical Faculty of the University of Kiev, he graduated from the 3 rd year. Since 1914, he took part in the revolutionary movement, SR. In 1917 he joined the Left Socialist-Revolutionaries, and then to Borotbists.

In 1919 Zafrontovom Bureau (Intelligence) of the CC CP (b) of Ukraine, member of the Presidium of the Executive Committee of the Kiev Council. He has performed under the name Gorbunov. When the White Guard authorities worked underground in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Odessa Revolutionary Committee member. The underground took the pseudonym "Hump." In February-March 1920 - deputy. Chairman of the Odessa provincial Cheka.

Since March 1920 - the secretary Kiev provincial Revolutionary Committee. After joining in April 1920 in the RCP (B) was mobilized to the bodies of the Cheka. The Commissioner of the Special Department of the 12th Army on the Western Front. After the Polish campaign - head. Accounting and distribution department and the Assistant Secretary of the Kiev Provincial Committee of the CP (B) U.

Since January 1921, the unit ISE GPU. In 1922-1924 gg.na intelligence work in Germany under the name of M. Chervyakova and undercover Officer Soviet Embassy in Berlin. After returning to the USSR in April 1924 - an assistant to August 1931 - Deputy Head of INO OGPU.

From 1932 he studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Moscow State University correspondence course in the specialty "Mathematics", graduated in 1936 "without any official diplomas`

In 1933-1934 gg. - Head of the 4th department and assistant chief of the Secret Political Department of the OGPU-NKVD GUGB CCCC August 1934 g - deputy. Head of the Special Department of the NKVD GUGB, then deputy. Head of the 3rd Division (CRO) GUGB. Since April, 1937 - Head of the Central Department of Weights and Measures of the NKVD (People`s Commissar appointed by order of the Central Committee in the post was not approved in connection with the arrest)

He was awarded two marks "Honorary worker Cheka-GPU."

Arrested on 29 April 1937 on charges of involvement in anti-Soviet conspiracy in the NKVD. Sentenced 21 August 1937 to the death penalty; on the same day was shot.