Mihael Glebov

Picture of Mihael Glebov

Citizenship: Russia


Of the nobility. Father - collegiate counselor Nikolai Mikhailovich Glebov (d until 1826.), Mother - Maria the NN (. Mind 1828), lived in Putivl County Kursk province (where she had an estate of 700 souls, of which 300 souls laid on behalf of a large private debts). He was educated at St Petersburg university hostel, which he entered - 13.6 in 1818, after completing the course and passing the exam obtained the rights to the rank of Grade 12 (July 1821) and is defined in the Department of the Ministry of Justice - 15/08/1821, collegiate secretary - 02.25.1824, defined the State Commission debt repayment assistant clerk under control - 01/07/1824.

The investigation established that a member of the secret society of the Decembrists was not a participant of the uprising at Senate Square.

He was arrested and taken to the fortress 17/12/1825 ( "Glebova official put under arrest, where it is convenient, he accidentally stuck, but have strictly") in