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In May 2000, Miguel has signed a partnership agreement with fashion conglomerate `Pegasus Aparel Group`.Miguel was born in a small Spanish village Klonzh (Clonge), on the island of Mallorca (Majorca, Spain). Already in the 12 years he left school and went to work on the family almond farm.

In 1991 Adrover for the first time was in New York City (New York); the city he loved, and Miguel decided to stay in it. Big city gave a lot more opportunities ,Adrovera than that it was in their native island ; One of the most useful was the ability to acquire new useful contacts. His first major project Miguel launched in 1995, in the company of an American tailor Douglas Hobbs (Douglas Hobbs); jointly Adrover and Hobbs were able to launch its own line of clothing ,received the name of `Dugg`. That same year, the partners were able to open in the East Village (East Village) its first store, `Horn`. Store this soon became a haven for new designers and pilot projects ; among other things, are exhibited creations of Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen), a corporation `Bernadette` and ` Bless`.

In the spring of 1999-of Miguel decided to develop its own line of women`s clothing. In the summer, he has shown at New York`s Lower East Side (Lower Eastside) his first collection, `Manus-Chiapas-NYC`. The theme of the collection was the story of a woman forced to leave their homes - and at the same time managed to overcome all the troubles.

In May, 2000-of Miguel signed a partnership agreement with fashion conglomerate `Pegasus Aparel Group`.

In autumn 2000, the second show of Miguel, `Midtown`, attracted the attention of a number of VIP-persons of the fashion world; Of particular note is the presence on the show Anna Wintour (Ana Wintour), chief editor of the US magazine `Vogue`, and Kathy Horne (Cathy Horn),one of the most famous journalists `New York Times`. This time Adrover cherpaldohnovenie in regular New York pedestrians. In October, Miguel was nominated `Vogue` the title of ` Best of avant-garde designer goda`.

Gradually clothes from Adrovera becoming more and more popular ;Miguel new creations sold in major chain stores worldwide.

In February 2001, Miguel has released another collection is the fourth ; new theme for his art became Egyptian motifs. The fifth collection came only in September ;project `Utopia` organically combined the elements of a number of different cultures and the world`s interest.

In October 2001, Adroveru had to stop cooperation with `Pegasus Apparel Group`; terminated the contract was due to the extremely tense situation after the tragic events of September 11th. However,fatal to the career of Miguel this blow did not - with the help of friends, co-workers and a number of sponsors tseogo he was soon able to return to duty.

The sixth show came a year after the fifth in September of 2002 ; The project `Citizen of the World` Adrover demonstrated in The New Yorker embodied the idea of a multicultural society. A year later, in September of 2003, Miguel has launched its first annual collection, `The Surrealreal world`; a new topic was the problem of the huge gap between different social groups and the following of the gap of social injustice.

In 2004-m Miguel was invited to organize a series of conferences at Yale University (Yale University) and work on a workshop in one of the Egyptian universities. In December of the same year Adrover decided to relocate from New York to Mallorca.

Adrover continues to work on new collections and to this day ,punctually delighting fans with new creations

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Miguel Adrover picture
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