Picture of Midlake

Year of birth : 1999

Age: 16 years

Place of birth : Denton, Texas, USA

Citizenship: United States

Psychedelic indie rock from Texas

`Midlake` - American rock band from Denton, Texas (Denton, Texas),whose songs are somewhere at the junction of indie rock, indie folk and psychedelic rock.

History of the group stands out against other top youth teams: moreover, that on every album the guys delight fans new sound, but at the very beginning of their career the band did not even think to play indie rock -they began with developments of jazz and funk. Over time, however, they found that the rehearsals are increasingly began to get off the classic rock and indie rock, which at that time only gained popularity in America (Unites States). So, after four albums and five singles, `Midlake` is one of the most famous indie -rock groups in the country, Often on tour in Europe (Europe) and collaborates with other musicians.

Group `The Cornbread All-Stars`, that only after the change of musical style gained naming` Midlake`, was founded in 1999 in the city of Denton, Texas, students of College of Music at the University of North Texas (University of North Texas College of Music).Songwriter was Tim Smith (Tim Smith), for percussion posted Mackenzie Smith (McKenzie Smith), on bassguitar - Paul Alexander (Paul Alexander), the guitarist was Nikelson Eric (Eric Nichelson). According to the musicians, to create a group of inspired creativity Herbie Hancock (Herbie Hancock), a popular jazz composer and pianist.After some time, however, the boys began to notice that the inspiration to write and play jazz had disappeared, and instead they are increasingly playing rock ballads and songs in the style of `Jethro Tull`,` Radiohead` and `Grandaddy`. It originated as `Midlake`, but to write songs and create their own style of the band took a long time.`I did not want to say all that we stand in the style of` Radiohead`, - admitted in an interview with Smith, - I know, I personally do their song is much closer and clearer than, say, the composition `Jethro Tull `. And even though I`m constantly listening to `Jethro Tull`, when it comes to writing songs,one song in the style of `Jethro Tull` I get ten in the style of` Radiohead`.

In 2001, the band released their first mini - album `Milkmaid Grand Army`, which, however, not brought musicians special popularity. In addition, the group is constantly changing: for example, the group has a new guitarist - Eric Pulido (Eric Pulido),and Eric Nikelson sat down at the piano. The first full-length album in the new structure - `Bamnan and Slivercork` - was released in the year 2004. Recorded in Texas and mixing in the studio `Abbey Road Studios`, album is somewhat different from the usual sound gruppybyl step towards electronic music. However, fans of the plate liking,critics also praised the first full-length recording musicians. The album also caught the attention of actor Jason Lee (Jason Lee), who helped with the filming of the clip for the song `Balloon Maker`.

The second album, released after two years of hard work, - `The Trials of Van Occupanther` -introduced a completely new sound that is close to the classic rock without any electronic inserts and psychedelic sound, which can be traced to the first release. The new album has received good reviews by music critics, fans took to the plate `Hurrah! `.

In February of 2010 on the shelves of music stores there was a third full-length album -`The Courage of Others`, who surprised fans more smooth and dense sound, typical of progressive rock and prog -folk. `I think with age we become better - Smith admitted in an interview -we listen to great new music, become more self-confident and a group of musicians.But the work is complicated because of my variable and constant change of styles and napravleniy`. In general, the album received good reviews in magazines and honored to be called `mesyatsa` Album (Album of the Month) for the magazine` Mojo`.The group is now working on the next album, which will be released in November 2013.. Over the years, The band `s career has repeatedly collaborated with other musicians: in 2010, they helped in the plate record` Queen of Denmark`, John Grant `s debut album (John Grant), a former member of` The Czars` and a good friend of musicians.

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